091-bnc  ___FULL MOON___

091-bnc ___FULL MOON___

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091-bnc ___FULL MOON___

Plenilunio - Sud Sardegna

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  • Mauro Stradotto 20/11/2021 8:51

    Ammiro il tuo navigare nell'arte fra espressioni, interpretazioni ed emozioni,
    un abbraccio, buon fine settimana,
  • Ansgar Leuthner 17/11/2021 15:17

    ..like a painting, especially the sky...looks like an "American Night", as they call this kind of night scenes in the movies. A very fine work - it moves this seascape into a mood of mystery and dream...transferring the reality into an artistic one, which is more intensive and shows a perspective of this scene that a bare photo couldn't achieve..Ciao, cara Sorella, buon pomeriggio (I learned a new word! thanks!)! Ansgar
    • ann mari cris aschieri 18/11/2021 19:45

      When the new moon of July rises from the sea, many people gather on the beach waiting for this event to take a photograph.
      The moon is in a position right between the two islands, and it is a very special spectacle to watch.
      Buona serata, caro fratello   CIAo!   crissy