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Winter is around the corner and everybody is looking forward to snow and sunshine. The photographers heart beats faster while spending joyful moments out in nature. Show us pictures of people and animals during the cold season. Walkers in the middle of snow covered landscapes, sheeps in a snow storm, ice crystals on windows, snowball fights or playing children on a white powdered field, all of that and much more is what we want to see.

Terms and Conditions

  • The upload starts on the 22nd November 2010 and ends on the 02nd February 2011. On the 02nd of February the uservotings will be published. The online jury will meet and determine the winner out of the 100 – 200 rated photos. The announcement of the winner will take place by the end of November.
  • Theme: People and animals in winter. Only photos that relate to the topic can take part and may be able to win. NUDE is not allowed. Each account may enter up to 3 photos.
  • No nude pictures are to be submitted into this contest.
  • Photos may only be set without comment. I.e. if you want to set a picture of what has been shown before, and which already contains comments, you can’t just move it into the contest, you have to upload the image again.
  • People under legal age are unfortunately not allowed to take part in the contest.
  • The contest runs anonymous to recognize with the red "a".
  • Copyright notices on the photo or name of the photographers in the IPTC data is not allowed in contests. By submitting you acknowledge that all rights of the photos are with you and the image is free from copyright.
  • At competitions the photographed person must accept that their photo is published on our fotocommunity website.
  • The assessment of the photos is done by votes from the entitled users of the fotocommunity in the first phase. In the second phase a jury containing of photographers will choose out of the 100-200 top rated pictures the winner of the contest.
  • Legal process is not possible.
  • Member must be or become member of the fotocommunity due to technical aspects. By participating you accept the terms of the contest.
  • The volunteer admin team and staff of the fotocommunity can unfortunately not take part.
  • In addition the general terms and condition of the fotocommunity are valid.


1. during the entire upload period from the 19th November to to 02nd of February you will see a scale from 1-10 under each competition entry. You can distribute 10 points. 1 gives the picture only one point, is therefore the worst rate.
2. Just after the upload phase you will be able to see the results of the uservotings at the bottom of the pictures. Every picture that didn’t make it to the jury voting, will receive their points beforehand. Because the winners have to be choosen by the jury, it’s not clear yet who won.


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