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It is my grandma`s photo! ;-)

...I have a recurrent dream: I see something I WANT to take a photo of but I CAN`T (mostly because I haven`t got the camera)... terrible dream!...

Please forgive me if my technical knowledge does not catch up with my flying fantasy... I am just on the way to take photographs on a more conscious way.

I adore classical documentarist photography, Cartier-Bresson, Atget, Doisneau, Kertész, Capa, Smith... and a couple of new masters with the similar sensibility.

If you like my world... feel free to enter,


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  • ilona enz 05/12/2007 21:24

    Ha az igaz, hogy; "nem esik messze az alma a fájától".....Helyes a nagyid! Sz. üdv. Ilona
  • Corinto Di Giuseppe 15/02/2007 6:24

    Good the bn. with the persons. You insist!! Hello.
  • Nadia Sacenti 27/09/2006 12:17

    Grazie 1000 per il commento
    ciao Nadia
  • Salvatore Damiani 24/09/2006 17:38

    Zsuzsanna---spero che conosci l'italiano---Ti ringrazio per aver visto le mie foto.Ho ammirato le tue e devo dirti che sono "buone" foto,potresti fare molto di più,con un pò più di "pratica." A presto. Ciao.
  • Francesco Bac 04/09/2006 18:35

    many thanks for the appreciated comment! :)
    ..::FROM THE SEA::..
    ..::FROM THE SEA::..
    Francesco Bac
  • Pascal Viyer 03/09/2006 18:04

    Very nice portrait profil of you !
    Merci beaucoup, Zsuzsanna.
  • Ildikó ZókaDani 19/08/2006 18:11

    Szia Zsuzsanna!
    Nagyon örülök szavaidnak a képeim alatt és igazán köszönöm őket!:)
    Üdv. Ildikó
  • Claudio Fabiano 28/07/2006 21:56

    Grazie per il commento alla mia foto

    ci sentiamo ok?
  • † Rothauge 13/06/2006 1:05

    Many thanks for your entry in my profile. So i will make you "orange" to see more of your pics - which are very interesting. But, i photograph not only industrial pics, i´m very interested in motives of objects formerly time. Especially dilapidated buildings or locations with a mystic touch are my interest - but not only... ;-)

    † Rothauge

    Greets from Thuringia, Germany.

  • Alison Moore 10/06/2006 19:29

    Thanks for commenting on my eye photo!
  • Matteo Savatteri 10/06/2006 16:55

    Grazie Zsuzsanna per le belle parole che hai scritto.
    Ciao Matteo
    Matteo Savatteri

  • Bogac Erguvenc 05/06/2006 18:07

    Thanks for commenting my photo :)
    Hemingway's Denial
    Hemingway's Denial
    Bogac Erguvenc
  • Vitor Emanoel 26/05/2006 3:42

    Thanks for your comment on my pic "Man of Itacaré".
  • Friday In Love 22/05/2006 22:57

    Thank you very much...

  • Dragomir Vukovic 22/05/2006 19:03

    ...touching eye you are...
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