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"I know exactly what I like to direct the photo (minimally distorting reality. - Approx. Eds.) Deep, interesting and well done. If we see the beauty of the pictures only in its aesthetics, it is not true. Aesthetics and beauty - like a bottle: a plane unfolding - and there is depth. and the picture should have this quality. "-
  it is important to immediately think, "Experience destroys everyday life, and then there is something completely new." -

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  • Carlos García Jiménez 05/04/2014 23:14

    Thanks Candyelena,

    I loved your cheerful comments.:)) but no, it was me preparing a cook now and then.

  • Arturas Grickevicius 03/04/2014 15:01

    Wie eine gute Mutter photographierst Du gerne die Kinder... Ja, ist die ein ewiges Motiv. Immer kann man damit etwas neues sehen und erfinden.
    Schönen und gemütlichen Abend!
  • Fred Dahms 23/09/2012 21:21

    Ich bedanke mich für deine nette Anmerkung und wünsche dir und deiner süßen Tochter einen schönen Sonntag.
  • candyelena 22/05/2012 8:42

    Thank you for your comments and attention! )))
  • candyelena 22/05/2012 7:33

    I use the camera Sony, All the photographs are born naturally, the ideas come not by constraint, and the world is inspiring. I do not use Photoshop - all photos are natural.
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