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Hello, my name is Andria,
I am a Make up Artist and Bodypainting specialist, I am experimenting with a few of my own shots, so please bear that in mind, I am used to just painting or fixing my model, and allowing the \"photographer\" to do his magic.
So I had to work up some courage to start shooting my own experiments.

I love Nature and take lots of pictures of flowers and landscapes.
Thanks for visiting my page, and I would appreciate any helpful comments.

If you are a professional photographer and want to do some tests, do not be afraid to ask.
Just send me a\

Sincerely, Andria von Lossberg

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  • TRR 17/06/2008 20:35

    Hello Andria,

    happend to come across your sunflower picture. I like your bodypaintings, they really are well done. As for your pictures, I think you should pay more attention to the backrounds. Some of them are to busy and that is to the disadvantage of your art and models (which is a pitty). You could also try to use a second (remote) flash to avoid shadows on the backrounds. Hope to see more of your paintings.

  • Heiko Gras 19/05/2007 19:20

    Sehr geehrte Andria von Lossberg,
    ich bin von der Photografie " Angelwings" sehr angetan.
    Die Verbindung von Sinnlichkeit und Kunst auf diesem wunderschönen Körper verdient meine Hochachtung.
    Heiko Gras
  • Me L 20/03/2007 17:35

    bin doch nicht die erste hier? na: herzlich willkommen! schöne eindrücke hier, ich hoffe, man sieht mal mehr!?
    viele grüsse - MeL
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