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I have been taking photos since I was 14 and in 2005, at the age of 56 I took the decision to devote himself full time to professional photography with an emphasis on portraiture and fashion in the magazine, commercial, corporate, editorial and private fields.
I also do Fine Art Landscape and Street, Travel, Interiors & Architectural photography and photography of paintings, objets d'art & bibelots for record keeping and insurance,

I use a Fuji Finepix S5 Pro camera with Nikon Lenses, a high specification PC with WACOM Cintiq 21UX interactive pen display and an Epson Stylus Pro 4000 printer.

For private work I use my Leica M6 and since December a M8 with 15, 21, 35, 50 and 90mm lenses which allows me to work quickly, quietly and in all conditions without flash.

Sometimes just shapes catch my eye, often it is people in a landscape, often urban and mundane, their interactions with objects and other people and a sense of scale, all coming together, with a sense of events that led up to the moment, or expectancy of future actions.

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  • Maria João Arcanjo 30/12/2008 18:49

  • Maria João Arcanjo 18/12/2008 16:34

  • .moniKa.t.g. 18/07/2007 11:28

    Aha! Finally a photo showing your face! Very good.
  • Robert L. Roux 15/04/2007 16:53

    greetings with a
    thank you!
    from a former colony
    across the big water ... ;-))
  • Sarah D. Kiefer 20/02/2007 20:30

    thank you, stefan! i really like the sense of humor in some of your's great! i see you've found how to include a photo with a comment...excellent. : ) tried to post the instructions earlier but it was too early and i went back to sleep instead. glad there's a help section! LOL. thanks for stopping by and looking at my images!
    sarah k

  • Darinka Mladenovic 02/02/2007 19:33

    Hi, thanks for your visit to my site and for your comment
    sorry I am late,
  • Max Maxxman 01/02/2007 19:19

    Fanatastik s/w Photography. Hope we see more ... kind regards from Germany ...
  • Maria João Arcanjo 25/01/2007 21:59

    Thank you Stefan for your vote and comment. I added an explanation under the picture that you may find interesting.

  • Maguire 24/01/2007 17:32


  • Margaux Lux 22/01/2007 20:20

    thank you very much for your comment an my photo
    greetings margaux;)
  • Rainer Wälder 19/01/2007 22:59

    Thanks a lot for your comment! I'll go and check out your homepage now...
  • Maria João Arcanjo 18/01/2007 21:47

    Stefan thank you for your vote. Knowing that you liked the picture made me very happy.
  • Sachin Pangaonkar 17/01/2007 20:25

    Hello Stefan
    Thank you for your time and comments on my pic
    my breed ?
    my breed ?
    Sachin Pangaonkar
    I read your profile , I guess i will learn a lot from your pic .
  • Torsten Buchholz 11/01/2007 23:40

    welcome to the FC. You have very good Photos.
    I'm still waiting for more of you.
    Have Fun and have the right Light.
    greetings Torsten
  • Hagen H. 11/01/2007 17:52


    ...herzlich Willkommen in der FC.
    Ich wünsche dir immer ein tolles Motiv, im richtigen Licht...

    Mfg Hagen H. aus L.

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