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Respect is earned, Loyality is returned. #detailsmatter

In 2009 I got my first DSL camera, a Nikon D3000, a very entry level one. Less than a year later I felt like I needed more, so I changed to a Nikon D90 before traveling to Paris for a project work.

My passion for good pictures started sparkling up. I reached the possibilities of my camera in early 2015, especially photographs under difficult light situations became a challenge. Before flying out to Tokyo for cherry blossom season I got myself a Canon 6D and entered the full frame level.

I love photographing streets and buildings. Night shots have a special attraction. I mostly use my camera when traveling, doing editing on-the-go. My focus areas of travel are Asia-Pacific and the Americas. I am based in Dusseldorf, yet regularly in Paris, Brussels and Cologne as well.
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Canon 6D