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My name is Pawel and I love photography. I think that one picture can express more than a hundred words. I prefer portraits and landscapes photos.

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  • Matthias Moritz 17/06/2022 18:16

    Hello and welcome to fotocommunity!
    Great to see that you found your way to us :)

    fotocommunity is a large community with a motif-related structure.

    If you show pictures, assign up to three different sections to your photo before finishing the upload to expand the range of viewers. 

    Of course you have expectations, awaiting comments to your photos. It's the same as in real life and in every community: there has to be a balance between giving and taking.

    How to write positive feedbacks:

    Every comment you make under other pictures is doubly important: it is a help and suggestion for others and a link to your pictures.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support or me personally. We're happy to help!

    I enjoy viewing your photos and wish you a good time in our fotocommunity!

    Kind Regards

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