Graeme Allan

Premium (Pro), Kaunas

About me

I am a New Zealander, who finds himself, on the Great Journey, in Kaunas, Lietuva-Lithuania.

I find, by accident rather than design, for the moment, I am a street photographer.
As is the case with most Kiwis, I ignore rules.
I work with three cameras, each having it's place depending on the day, and my inclinations.
I work exclusively with RAW files, edited in Photoshop.
Few activities are more exiting for me than waiting for photographs then realising the end result when editing.

Aciu, Lietuva, kad suteikei man šias galimybes.

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  • Photographer (advanced stage)


Sony a99V.
Zeiss 24mm.
Sony G 70-300mm.
Zeiss 24-70mm.

Fujifilm XF10.

Ricoh GR