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My name is Carlo Artemi . I am a retired worker of Italian school and I'm living in Orvieto I have until I was a baby three passions : research , astronautics/space ,and photography . In my site ( in Italian for the moment ) page " fotoamatore " I have written what I think about photography . Here i say only that my favorite subjects are animals ( especially cats ) landscapes and the femininity every that is femininity . Because I am not a professional photographer i haven't a photographic studio yet but I have already joined to workshop with professional models . Some photos of mine in First berliner Art Book I have decided to sign up in this site to show my photos to see the works of other such a way my activity is international-wide Because of I live in a very beautiful town when I will have a photographic studio I will like to invite a model ( also not Italian model ) in my town to take photos . Please note every photo of mine present here ( with exception ) with NO corrections Actually Carlo Artemi was trying to realize an his idea/project named “ Nudo calmo “ ( Quiet nude) Starting from observation that nudity has linked to eros, porn and or vulgarity Carlo Artemi want to realize photos with naked or almost naked women in fully domestic and daily places ( living rooms, passages, balconies, kitchens, gardens, garages ) These images haven't to be artistic but would have to be no erotic and no vulgar

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  • MWPhoto 04/12/2014 16:49

    You are indeed surrounded by beauty, and your photos prove that well.
    Best wishes, MW
  • roby burchi 08/07/2013 11:49

    Mannequin-manichino e la ..............
    Mannequin-manichino e la ..............
    roby burchi
    Ciao Carlo, mi ha fatto piacere ricevere il tuo apprezzamento a questa mia "vecchia" foto, ti ringrazio di cuore.
  • mire 09 02/07/2013 16:07

    Grazie,complimenti e giudizio molto,molto lusinghieri.
  • Lady Queen 12/06/2013 21:03

    Grazie dei complimenti Carlo.. =) mi fa piacere ti piaccia la mia galleria :-)
  • proietti 03/06/2013 11:23

    Grazie delle belle parole. Antonella
  • Mary Erova 01/06/2013 13:15

    Grazie Carlo per i complilmenti....sono a disposizione per i tuoi lavori!
  • Adele Oliver 06/02/2013 0:21

    Hello and a warm welcome to the big and crazy world of ..... I wish you lots of fun showing your images and lots of new friends and inspiration from their work.
    greetings from Canada,
    Adele - Nature Channel Manager
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