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Hallo .. I am Ayham, 21 years old . I am a Palestinian I lived Syria since I was born, and from which the end of the 2014 refugees to Turkey and then to Germany , and I had started two years ago to document daily life in the Syrian revolution, or as they call it in the international media (Syrian war) through the lens of mobile and then across the cameras. I loved photography and his own documentation and portraiture and street life and the beautiful ones moments of everyday life and the miserable , and here are all these images of pictorial and unfortunately I lost my camera in Syria and she was one of the main reasons for me leaving them to hope I get a new camera and an exhibition of my photos soon in Berlin - Germany .
Thank you very much my friends and for the management of this beautiful site who returned to the hope of a new cross great interest in my photos .
Sorry for bad English ...


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  • Batya4charity 09/02/2019 16:49

    I'm Ananda Batya from Indonesia but live in the united kingdom.
    I have something
    important to discussed with you
    write me back at email we will talk better there ok.

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  • Adele Oliver 24/09/2015 21:54

    Greetings, and a warm welcome to our international FC.com .... I wish you a lot of enjoyment here showing your images and seeing and learning from the pictures of others ... I hope you will make many friends - it is a great place here for meeting people from all over the world !!!
    Good Light,
    Adele in Vancouver,
    Nature Channel Manager
    and your International
    Admin. Team
  • Mauro Tomassetti 24/09/2015 10:49

    Hello, Ayham
    and welcome to FC Com!

    You will soon appreciate how useful and enjoyable it is when you share your pictures and impressions.
    To start your activities, I suggest you leaving comments under other users pics and interact with them. Your opinions are very important!
    Your first friends, as well as new inspirations, are awaiting you.

    Good light from
    Mauro Tomassetti
    Admin Team
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