I need your photography skills for a project!

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scottlouis1974 scottlouis1974 Post 1 of 2
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I would like to ask for everyone’s help to produce 109 photos for a project of mine. They can be super simple or as complex and creative as you the individual. Please include your signature on the photo.

I thought about asking people I know but I’m pretty sure it would be found out by my girlfriend prior to it being completed..

So here’s my story… I’m begging you to read, share and ask other photographers you may know.

Not to go to deep but my girlfriend is moving back home as she misses her family and that puts us 1000’s of miles apart. I want to give her something that money can’t buy and that’s something made from emotion and creativity.

So I’m a hopeless romantic.. I have this great project I want to build… Sort of a final goodbye . It’s a paragraph that I would like to have done with photos from around the world that people would choose one word and have a picture of that word in the photo(anything local to you in the background/someone holding a card with the word on it or however you want to personally express it would be super cool). I will then set the photos into a slideshow with a song. I will be more than happy to share the project with everyone when completed…

The statement is 109 words.. so intern it will take 109 pics. I’m really hoping to have this completed in a month’s time. If you would like to help me..Please pick a word… take a picture… and post it to my page. That way you can see what words have been used.

words needed:

You said I have a million friends. (7)
I said I’d follow you to the end of the world. (11)
So I asked a few friends from around the world to help me with this. (15)
I cannot even begin to put into words the thoughts and feelings you have awoken in me. (17)
My Love isn’t owned and cannot be taken. It can only be given. (13)
My heart belongs to you and you alone. (8)
My restless sleepless nights will surly surpass (7)
The count of the thousands of miles that separate us. (10)
I will stand here with sun upon my face, the wind behind my back (14)
Constantly Looking East with hopes to reunite. (7)

Background song: Odezsa - Sundara

All photos will used by me for this project and not for any monetary gain.. I also understand that I do not own the photos in anyway.

A lady from India wrote me the other day wanting to help and I have to say the thought of putting this together brought tears to my eyes… I want to thank you all for even considering this and even more so to the people that help me bring this to life…

Thank you…
Anila Jain Anila Jain Post 2 of 2
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The ideas are looking very interesting but I guess requires much skill in Photography to accomplish each taught! Sorry I can not expert enough!
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