The videocommunity was closed down on the 30th of November 2010

After 4 years we regret telling you that the videocommunity was taken off the net.


Despite the high-quality videos and the friendly users our community didn’t grow the way we expected it to therefore it unfortunately was not lucrative.

We recommend to every user who used the video embedded link to show videos on their page to delete it, because instead of the player an error message will be shown.

Thank you for the great videos and the many comments and discussions. We were a small but very fine community - we will miss you.

We would like to recommend the fotocommunity to you:

The fotocommunity is Europe’s largest community for photography. You can
  • show your photos and discuss about pictures and photography
  • meet photographers and models and
  • share photography knowledge.

An offer from camgaroo for youse:

As a small compensation we managed to get all members of the videocommunity a free premium membership to the well-known amateur film community Camgaroo. Camgaroo has placed a special register form especially for you. It is completely without any obligation and runs out by the 31st of December 2011, no automatic renewal or payment.
Here is the link to register.

You can finde more information on
  • several shopping benefits
  • Up to 20% off the Sony Style Store
  • 30% discount in the shop proDAD
  • more attractive partners in near future
  • free access to the Camgaroo e-Paper Archive