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so keen to be a part of everything, yet so alienated
by the virtue of my own transgressive nature
and introverted tendencies...

the oxymoronist:

i can, but i won't

what i ilke:

Jindrich Štreit

Massimo Vitali:

Vivian Maier:

Barcelona The photo was voted to the gallery Barcelona Peter Schwindt 03.07.12 72

. . . . . . Snjezana Josipovic 28.01.07 12

Lunch The photo was voted to the gallery Lunch Goran Stamenkovic 27.05.05 68

Street Artist Street Artist Claude Coeudevez 09.07.11 59

Everything eventually ends. Everyone eventually leaves.

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  • Jamaica0904 Jamaica0904 , 29.05.13

    wow amazing pictures

  • Yasmine Rafii Yasmine Rafii , 08.05.13

    Thank your for welcoming me Yasemin. I will be coming to your country to take photos this fall. You have a lot of interesting work here.

  • Johann Dittmann Johann Dittmann , 06.03.13

    Hi Yasemin
    I'm glad you like them.

    Told you, I've got a headache. Told you, I've got a … Johann Dittmann 22.02.13 22

    Hans from down under

  • Silvana W. Silvana W. , 27.02.13

    life...* life...* Silvana W. 15.02.13 26

    Many thanks ¡
    Best wishes

  • Ygar Ygar , 24.02.13

    Dear Yasemin, you are absolutely right, and, fortunately, it is cinema making
    , but it looked very realistic in nature ... just from another world. Thank you for your visit. My compliments. /Ygar/
    shape 05 6 shape 05 6 Ygar 23.02.13 6


    Hartlepool headland Hartlepool headland BRYAN CRUTE 23.02.13 24

    I thank you for your kind words, bare feet may not be in order here. Bitterly cold and very rocky :-)

  • David Daneuve David Daneuve , 22.02.13

    Thanks Yasemin for your kind comment!

    Le Mont Le Mont David Daneuve 12.02.13 3

  • bonsaipete bonsaipete , 21.01.13

    Hello, thank you for your kind comment! I will be visiting your Gallery again to view the World from your camera! take care Pete

  • Yasemin A. Yasemin A. , 07.01.13

    Bende cok memnun oldum :) Seni "turunculadim". Sevgiler Yasemin

  • Yasemin A. Yasemin A. , 06.01.13

    Merhaba Yasemin,

    cok güzel resimler sunuyorsun bizlere. Basarilarinin devamini dilerim :)
    Adasin Yasemin :-)

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