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I am a professional photographer living in Ukraine. My career in photography began when I was 12 years old, it is professional since I'm 21.

In 1998 I've get the first place at an exhibition "The Instant of true", organizer "Fuji Sport", Ukraine; In 1999 - first place at an exhibition, devoted to the beauty of a female body, organizer "Fuji Sport", Ukraine; 2002 an exhibition "Erotic sensations", Ukraine.

Publications: magazine "Cosmopolitan", covers of magazine "Generation"; A plenty of advertising projects, calendars, calendar cards, portfolio. Many exclusive artistic nude photo collections, which I sell with/without exclusive rights for the known websites and magazines.

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  • Photosensualis Photosensualis , 21.11.11

    beautiful work - always!

  • Yanina Tymchuk Yanina Tymchuk , 02.11.06


  • Paul Toronja Paul Toronja , 26.09.06


    After visiting your site and enjoying many of your photos, I can anticipate that you are an excelent young artist who's work will be displayed in many publications, advertizing and art exhibits worldwide. You inspire confidence in your subjects which appear relaxed and intimate to the lens (and the audience). Congratulations and keep up your good work!

  • John Moore John Moore , 10.05.05

    Sergey, I have visited your web page as well, an I would
    like to complement you on some of the wonderful photos you have taken.

  • Blamonge Blamonge , 24.03.05

    Greeting from Oz

  • Dirk Hofmann Dirk Hofmann , 23.03.05

    hi sergey!

    your first upload here made me curious and i visited your website which is very impressive. i'm quite sure that this is the right place for you: you'll find a bunch of people to discuss your hobby with, you can trade experiences and find new impressions or ideas ...
    hope you'll have the fun around here that i have since i became a member ... :-)

    will keep an eye on you ...

    best wishes from el paso, tx

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