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NO NAME YET ! The photo was voted to the gallery NO NAME YET ! Ronald Koster 29.01.06 75

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  • franna43 franna43 , 11.06.07

    Hey man just popin by to say that i am a fan! wow your work is amazing! I can say that your work reminds me of sasha waldman. pleese go google him or check him out! love your style and the moods you captivate! WOW!

  • juliangades juliangades , 06.04.07

    Tienes un gran trabajo.


  • Mikael Hörnlund Mikael Hörnlund , 27.02.07

    Hey Ronald! A big thanks for your comment on the eye!


  • Milda Babalu Milda Babalu , 10.02.07

    just wonderful.......i like yr way of taking pics.....ya wanna show other part not just real reality...
    Best Wishes

  • Marc Erpelding Marc Erpelding , 31.01.07

    Dear Ronald,
    Well I just came across your gallery through your pic "cOwMiX" which is currently in .com voting...and which is a clear pro for me. I am really impressed by your work...very creative, great execution...just a matter of time until most of your pics will have a star ;-)
    Take care,

  • Emil Zipos Emil Zipos , 29.01.07

    i love all works from this site:)

  • Manos Peponas Manos Peponas , 15.01.07

    very good archive

  • Dave Donaldson Dave Donaldson , 05.01.07

    Your work is inspirational , Well impressed !!

    Cheers Dave

  • Daren Borzynski Daren Borzynski , 17.12.06

    Truly outstanding images.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  • Jpablo BA Jpablo BA , 25.08.06

    Beautiful photos you have brother! I love your work, very interesting! Amazing!

    Saludos desde México!!!

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