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I am just an amature and love taking pictures as a hobby, I believe I need to learn a lot to be Pro's like you guys. I have a Nikon F80.

I love taking all kinds of Pictures never know what you get where:).

I believe everything takes time to learn and get things right. Any comments are welcome to make progress in terms of me being a learner.

I am glad I found a place to learn, Thanks to FC.

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  • I Strawfish I I Strawfish I , 22.12.09

    I'D Miilad Said!

    Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! I Strawfish I 19.12.09 45

  • I Strawfish I I Strawfish I , 24.12.07

    Merry x-mas, Best Regards and
    many thx for the comments.

    D.O. Hennig www.berlinHENNIG.d… I Strawfish I 24.12.07 16

  • Andrei Petre Andrei Petre , 20.08.06

    Hi Rohan,
    It seems I haven't made myself clear. My comment was regarding the name of your photo ("abandoned art").
    I wanted to suggest that your photo is a form of art so The Art was not, in the end, so "abandoned" :-)


  • Füsun Özler Füsun Özler , 16.08.06

    dream The photo was voted to the gallery dream Füsun Özler 26.04.06 74

    Thanks Rohan, greatings

  • Stefan U. Daniel Geyer Stefan U. Daniel Geyer , 10.05.06

    thank you for your comment.

    have fun @ fc


  • Tomasz Wi281c322aw Tomasz Wi281c322aw , 04.01.06

    Masz bardzo ciekawy sposób postrzegania świata. Bardzo ładnie to zdjecie wyglądało by w sepii, ale w "black and white" tez jest ładnie :) . To zdjęcie jest jakby wyjęte z filmu. Gratuluje świetnego talentu do zdjęć!

  • Katy Katy Katy Katy , 07.11.05

    thanks:-)this pic was a random ....

  • Donna Richens Donna Richens , 03.11.05

    Lovely work, i do love portraits and i think you have a knack of capturing the moment! I have added you to my buddies, hope you don't mind, would like to watch your work.

    Regards Donna

  • Florin Novac Florin Novac , 23.10.05

    Thanks you Rohan for your comment to my photo. Greetings from Italy!

    expression 1 expression 1 Florin Novac 22.10.05 6

  • Marian Hristov Marian Hristov , 23.10.05

    Thank you very much Rohan for the comprehensive comment on my picture.
    My regards...

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