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i was looking at a few pictures and picking out little things on a ride to jasper from edmonton which is like 4 hours and my mom told me that if i could pic details out of pictures that maybe i shoud try taking pictures and everybody always told me that i would ....i guess analyze the way something looked differently then most poeple
and thats why i started taking photos

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  • Andy Pomplun Andy Pomplun , 18.08.05

    hello and welcome. used to go to the UofA, but that's 20 years ago. Good to see an Edmontonian here, have fun in the fotocommunity!

  • Bill Lang Bill Lang , 04.06.05

    Thanks for your very kind comments on my photos
    Greetings from a fellow Canadian.

  • John Moore John Moore , 04.06.05

    Greetings From way Downunder.
    We wish you well on this great site at FC.
    I hope your share the magic that exists here.
    Looking forward to see a lot more photo's
    from you!!
    Good Luck.

  • Georg Braun Georg Braun , 02.06.05

    Hello Raymond,
    let me just say: a warm welcome to this community - hope you will enjoy it like i do (i am a new member here, too).

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