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perfektion ist langweilig!!!

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s t e r n e n h i m m e l s t e r n e n h i m m e… photom 12.11.09 14

* * photom 29.12.11 17

Whaleshark & Sailship b&w Whaleshark & Sailshi… Dr Jan Schwarz 09.05.10 6

ray of hope ray of hope photom 14.07.09 19

what a wonderful world what a wonderful wo… photom 19.08.09 8

evening flight evening flight photom 10.09.08 23

upper floors in the mist / vorstandsetagen im nebel upper floors in the mi… photom 01.10.08 21

n y c n y c photom 07.02.10 19

d r i v i n g . h o m e d r i v i n g . h o m e photom 12.01.11 41

waiting for costeau waiting for costeau photom 15.04.10 27

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