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Patricia (Pat) Cheney

Free Member, Wellington, Florida

About me


I've lived a high class life as my ex husband is an airline captain. When we divorced, I lost everything and could not find work and was about to be homeless when some kid over heard me talking to the landlord, said he'd pay me if I let him take nudes of me! He was just a high school kid and I refused vehemently and was so insulted I slapped his face and walked away! As the eviction notices came in, I tried but couldn't get a job and I was given notice I was going to be evicted and I'd wind up being on the street. After my high class life with plenty of money, I'd be on the street! I called and asked if I could just take nice pictures just a little sexy and he said "we can talk about it". I was very nervous and embarrassed at the idea of being forced to let anyone take any kind of pictures of me for money, let alone some high school teenager! I had a glass of wine to get guts to just even talk to him about it, even though it would be just regular pictures fully dressed in just sexy clothes. I know what teens do with pictures and I didn't want to have any pictures of me winding up anywhere like emailed, texted or spread all over his high school and other high schools or who knows where. When he came over I was wearing my plaid skirt outfit and my shawl exactly as you see in my picture above. He said that was sexy enough and he just wanted to learn photography and repeatedly assured me my pictures was just for that and nothing else. We agreed on everything with assurances of everything, so I said OK and started taking pictures of me. He saw I was very nervous and self conscious said he read that models should have a glass of wine to relax. I didn't tell him I already had a glass and asked him to get the wine bottle already sitting on the counter in the kitchen. Instead of the bottle, he came out with a glass of wine he poured himself and gave it to me and I drank half right away and the rest a few minutes later as I was so nervous. We sat and talked and I made small talk just trying to delay he whole thing, I asked when he became interested in photography and he said about a year when he took a course in his high school freshman year last year. I began to feel surprisingly much more relaxed as we talked and he started asking me if I ever had any fantasies of being a playboy model where millions of guys would see me naked and hang me on their wall or make a calendar with me naked, hanging where anyone and everyone could see me naked? I said every woman fantasizes about that but I really don't want to talk about anything "naked". After a few more minutes, he again asked if I'd let him take naked pictures of me and I just looked down and didn't answer but shook my head no. I was just feeling more relaxed. So he started by jut taking pictures where I was siting. About 10 minutes he told me to cross my legs and started having me sit showing more and more of my legs with my plaid skirt up a little higher. Then having me unbutton my blouse top button, then second button. He started to have me pose in various ways in my plaid skirt outfit and the glass of wine he gave me on top of the one I had before made me feel very relaxed. It seemed like he started to be more confident about making me pose more openly and got me to open another button on my blouse but I refused so he just came over and started unbuttoning the rest of my buttons and I told him no and tried to grab his hands but he just continued more forcefully and with more confidence that he could and I just seemed not to care as much and hardly resisted as i was starting to feel more and more comfortable, even a little turned on as this young high school teenager took more pictures with all my buttons he opened, my bra began to show more and more until he puled my blouse wide open and my bra was fully exposed. This was so unusual for me as I've always been embarrassed about having very small breasts and always wore a jacket or shawl like in my plaid skirt pictures which is how I was dressed for these pictures. I just felt very and relaxed and seemed not to care where all my life and just minutes before I cared a whole lot!

After a few more pictures he came over and just pealed back my blouse and took it off and I stood there as he took more pictures. He started telling me how great I looked so great but I must pull my skirt up just a few inches to look sexy and i did without even thinking about what he was telling me to do! It was so a thoughtless dream! Then he told me to pull my skirt up higher as he took more pictures, and higher and found myself in my bra and pulling my skirt all he way up to my stomach completely exposing my panties and feeling very being very embarrassed but some how being turned on by the embarrassment!

He came over again and unzipped my plaid skirt and took it off and I just stood there now in just my bra and panties and heals, all the while telling me how much money he'd pay me. I just did what he said without thinking or caring! Now as I think back I absolutely am certain he put something in the wine he poured himself and gave me!

He said he was supposed to always get my name and address at the start and he forgot, so he asked me to say my name and address, so standing there in front of this high school kid in nothing but my bra, panties and heals, I remember saying "My name is Pat, I mean Patricia Cheney Mattix...I mean Pat Mattix and I live in Winter Garden, Florida, is that OK?" I apologized for giving my married name "Cheney" and didn't know what name to use or which name he wanted since I was in the middle of my divorce which is why i just lost everything and was so desperate for money in the first place. Then he told me to turn around a few times and say it all again, I obeyed and asked why he needed that and he said that's what they teach him to do in first year high school photography".

After that he said we should take a break, so we just started talking for about 15 more minutes about his photography courses and his girlfriend and small talk and i realized i was standing there in front of this high school teenager less than half my age in nothing but my bra and very sheer panties and though i was definitely very embarrassed, I was somehow comfortable and didn't care. It was somehow exciting to be embarrassed in front of a young high school teen...the wine seemed to "dis-inhibit" me. I felt like a high school girl with a high school boy, though I was 40 and he was 15 or 16!! It was like fantasies I had while I was in high school Redondo High School in Redondo Beach when I'd fantasize about having to attend high school completely naked and attending classes and walking through the halls in front of all my classmates naked. I thought of how I use to go to school sometimes without panties under my skirt or dress and how it turned me on so much my legs would get wet.

After we talked about 15 minutes, we started taking pictures again and he came over to me and just unhooked my bra without warning and I stood there completely topless now wearing nothing but my panties and heals and yet I was very calm and didn't just didn't care as he made me pose in all different ways like putting my hands behind my head sticking my tits out, squeezing my nipples, holding up and presenting my tits and so many other poses until he just came over and pulled my panties down to my knees I just stood there and let him take more pictures of me that way, and then he pulled my panties down to my feet and on the floor, I stood there like a little girl with her panties pulled down in front of the boys and he was taking pictures of me naked from every angle telling me to stand with my feet wide apart and he was taking pictures with he camera on the floor looking up between my open legs, up my body with me looking down at the camera. He said he was switching to recording me now and started moving the recorder from face slowly down my naked body down to the floor looking up between my legs and up the back of my naked body then back down the back of my body then looking up between my legs with me looking down so he could record my cunt, ass and face all together in one shot, and then up the front of my naked body again. I just let him and lost all concern and was completely thoughtless by that time! I was in a dream like narcotic and was so hot and so indifferent I would have done anything with anyone in the gutter! I don't know what he gave me but it worked so well I would have had sex with any street bum anywhere I just didn't care!

He put me on the bed and posed me all different ways but when he took my legs and spread them, I resisted, but he just kept at it and finally I just obeyed him and he spread my legs wider and wider and taking pictures all along. It was all like a dream and i was so humiliated but the humiliation just made me hotter and lose more control! It was the most weird experience of my life! After a high class life, humiliation seemed to have a much stronger influence on me than imagined and controlled me completely even though it was against my will!

This kid kept saying "just one more and you'll get paid" and I needed the money so bad but I was naked on my bed, spreading my legs wide open and he made me bend my legs at my knees so my legs and cunt would spread even wider and told me to start humping up and down as he recorded me with my legs spread wide open like that and I did totally naked spreading my cunt wide open showing everyone my open hole and hot erect clit without thinking at all! After a few minutes of that he said "Now spread your cunt as wide open as you can for everyone while you're humping" and i just obeyed without even realizing it,

While I held my cunt open and was humping he asked me my name again and I remember saying "Pat", he said "No, your whole name" and I said "Pat Cheney Mattix, I mean Patricia Cheney Mattix...I mean Pat matix". I just wasn't thinking. He asked me where'd you go to high school? and i said "Redondo Beach Union High" He asked me another question "What was your name when you went there? I said "Patricia Johnson" and continued to hold my cunt as wide open as i could and hump up and down in front of his camera recording me.

"Now finger fuck yourself and show everyone at your former job at American Flyers and classmates at Redondo Union High School you cumming!" By that time I was in dreamland and the fantasy of being completely naked spreading my legs wide open
and finger fucking myself and cumming in front of all my classmates and guys at American Flyers was such a turn on that I just obeyed him so thoughtlessly which now makes me so sure I was drugged. I laid here on my bed completely naked humping with my legs spread wide open spreading my cunt and hole wide open for everyone to look up into and finger fucking myself and cumming and barely noticing any of it! It was as though I was alone at night alone in my bed room under my covers fingering myself as usual with no one watching me let alone recording me! I fingered myself for what must have been about 10 minutes humping up and down higher and faster and trying to spread my legs wider and fingering myself faster and more vigorously and he asked me again "What's your name and address?" and as I started saying my name, I jerked forward uncontrollably making me sit up about half way and fall backward and I seemed to scream my name "Pat Cheney Mattix" with my name being broken up as I was cumming so hard by convulsions I couldn't speak and I just remember violently convulsing over and over and over until I just must have passed out naked with my legs still wide open.

When I woke up my arms were spread wide open and so were my legs as I was spread very wide eagle, and there was cum in my mouth and on my face and he was gone, but he did leave me the money he said he would which he rolled up and had shoved up inside me and i just fell asleep again with his cum still in my mouth.

After woke up again in the morning and felt so conflicted, humiliated and embarrassed! I started remembering everything I did, and remembered he took naked pictures of me and recorded me all over up and down my naked body, up between my legs and finger fucking myself and cumming, then remembered he recorded me fingering myself etc. I kept falling back to sleep hoping I'd wake up and it was all a dream, but after a day I knew this high school kid had naked pictures and even recordings of me finger fucking myself and could do anything he wanted and could spread me naked all over his high school, neighborhood even sell naked calendars of me on ebay and all over the net. I stayed home like I was hiding, but when another month of bills came, I called him and "asked" for money after all he made me do and he said sure, but u have to give me something. He said he had a friend he wanted me to meet and if i was "friendly enough" I would be paid again. I begged him no, but he said "You can either have fun and make money, or your pictures and recordings will be all over the internet!" I was so trapped! I absolutely had no choice now so he came over with some high school friend who wanted me to come to the door naked and see me dance for him on a table top in front of him and spend some time "hanging out" with his friend and have me serving them completely naked and wanted me to obey him when he would say "suck my dick!" and then at the end of the evening he wanted to fuck me. It was my worst nightmare coming true and i had no choice! I told him "I have no choice do i?" He just replied "Good Girl, you're learning". He told me to wear my plaid skirt outfit and look professional and high class like you "WERE", and that word just humiliated me so much! He said he would make me strip up on he table after he had a few drinks.but didn't want me to have any drinks because he liked to see women embarrassed and wanted me fully alert and awake! To cut it short, i did everything I was told and got paid. From then on it became not just a monthly thing, but weekly, but for less money, so I wound up having to do everything with a lot more guys to make the same amount of money to pay my bills, then there were parties with 20-30 and more high school kids and even lesbians I had to please while they guys recorded me on my knees pleasing them and following orders from the guys and girls and the guys yelling out what they wanted to see me do, there would be high school kids they brought who they wanted to see me sucking or being fucked by or spanked by or having group sex with and many other things, and who ever they decided to bring and I was their stripper, naked waitress, whore, sex slave, pervert and anything else I was told to do which became everything imaginable and things i never heard or dreamed of including holding my mouth open when they took turns pissing and jerking off in my mouth and swallowing as much as I could, and using my mouth as their toilet! I was reduced to being nothing but an obedient naked public sex slave that fulfilled every degenerate perverted fantasy these drunk kids ever had. Even bringing in filthy dirty homeless bums to make me suck their dicks, eat their cum and be fucked by the dirtiest homeless bums they could find usually making me do it with 3 at a time with all of them inside me at the same time and do anything else they could think of to do to them or in front of them and to let them do to me everything they wanted so everyone could watch and record a "former high class snob learn her place!" and humiliate me in every conceivable way and with all the pictures and recordings locking me into this life I never could ever have imagined!
Pat Cheney Mattix

Comments 2

  • Dalve Sepet 09/09/2017 3:24

    I am so sorry these things have happened to you. I never take advantage of people the way that has happened to you.
  • Patricia (Pat) Cheney 09/08/2017 8:19

    What would I do differently? If I knew i'd be forced into making money this way to survive, I would have done it alone so I could choose who I'd have to obey, instead of being tricked into letting some one else have the power over me and make me serve and obey all sorts of perverts and bums just to amuse him and his friends who enjoy watching me be humiliated..

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