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I have no ambition in photography other than to learn from persons who take better pictures than I do and I draw my simple pleasures from posting pictures and communicating with others ...

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  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 04:03

    many generous comments, two great links .... thank you, dear Leo. I have not seen the flask
    before but the Sakura blossom branch is a favourite Japanese decoration ... I particularly
    like the fashion poster - strange, what goes around comes around ore vice versa - on my building here fashions from the Fall 2014 collection by Zoe (doesn't mean a thing to me), but this store was right beside the house with the magnolias :-)))
    wish you a good weekend,
    a hug, Adele

  • Coquitte Coquitte , 03.03.15

    Gracias Leo por tu comentarios. Saludos.

  • Cyber-Atelier Dolores Cyber-Atelier Dolores , 02.03.15

    *OUT OF THE DARK* The photo was voted to the gallery *OUT OF THE DARK* Cyber-Atelier Dolores… 07.08.14 97

    Thank you so much for your vote.
    Have a nice week,
    Kind regards, Dolores

  • Claudio Micheli Claudio Micheli , 01.03.15

    Thanks so much!

    Tamil Nadu - 4 - The photo was voted to the gallery Tamil Nadu - 4 - Claudio Micheli 19.09.14 236

    At soon!
    Ciao, Claudio

  • Berthold Klammer Berthold Klammer , 01.03.15

    "This lonely pole"... foggy #3 yes I'm quite sure that EVERY dog passing takes a look and....
    see evidence in the sand....
    After processing this shot in BW I wasn't sure if I should present it, but after all
    photography means also to document a particular visual experience. That's
    what I'm doing ... this lonely pole on a lonely beach ending in fog is a visual
    experience! regards Berthold

  • Coquitte Coquitte , 28.02.15

    Gracias Leo, tendré que averiguarlo. Saludos y buen domingo.

  • Coquitte Coquitte , 27.02.15

    Gracias por tu comentario amable. Saludos y buen fin de semana.

  • Coquitte Coquitte , 27.02.15

    Gracias Leo por tu aporte, y lo tendré en cuenta. Saludos.

  • silvanaW silvanaW , 24.02.15 portrait " portrait " silvanaW 19.02.15 22 ..lost ..lost silvanaW 22.02.15 20

    Many many thanks,dear Leonid¡ :-))
    a hug ¡

  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 24.02.15

    thank you so much, dear Leo ... a really great link, such intricate, colourful, fine artwork
    on these trucks, and one can imagine how proud the drivers are - interesting also the autho's explanations, and his book must be quite fascinating !!!
    wish you a good evening,

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