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I have no ambition in photography other than to learn from persons who take better pictures than I do and I draw my simple pleasures from posting pictures and communicating with others ...

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  • Mirjam Burer Mirjam Burer , 10.12.14

    thank you Leo... I feel honoured.. lg

    The best place... The best place... Mirjam Burer 09.12.14 23

  • Rob Nagelhout Rob Nagelhout , 07.12.14

    Hi Leonid, I don't make it more beautiful then it is and some skin imperfections are fine for me because that's life. All those super models we see we see after 4 hours working with make-up and photoshop

  • Berthold Klammer Berthold Klammer , 05.12.14

    Fuerteventura #15 Fuerteventura #15 Berthold Klammer 04.12.14 6

    thanks for your comment. It really helps me a lot keeping on track!
    This is exactly what fc is for: moving over to new borders and exchanging
    comments with other friends for feedback. Thank you!
    regards Berthold

  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 02.12.14

    thank you so much for your comment and great link .... priceless, a hoot - and very clever advertisings.
    a hug, Adele
    p.s. I hear music ... how terrific is that - must visit your profile more often !!

  • D. Ynoche D. Ynoche , 29.11.14

    merci for your kind comment under:
    4 weeks before Xmas.... 4 weeks before Xma… D. Ynoche 28.11.14 17
    greetings & wishes D.

  • Max Giorgetta Max Giorgetta , 27.11.14

    thank you

    Archi & Ombre Archi & Ombre Max Giorgetta 26.11.14 14

  • Mirjam Burer Mirjam Burer , 25.11.14

    thank you Leo and also for the inscription...lg, Mirjam

    Big mouth.. Big mouth.. Mirjam Burer 25.11.14 17

  • Rob Nagelhout Rob Nagelhout , 24.11.14

    Hi Leonid, thank you very much for your reaction and wishes on my last upload just before my operation on my wrist. The operation is a 100% success and I've got a new wrist. Now a long time of revalidation lies ahead but that will be okay

  • silvanaW silvanaW , 23.11.14 between between silvanaW 08.11.14 29

    Many manythanks for all your comments,dear Leonid ¡¡ :-)))
    Have a nice week*
    a big hug ¡

  • Rob Nagelhout Rob Nagelhout , 10.11.14

    Hi Leonid, what you see in "Social Education" is a child giving some money to the old man who as an typical Dutch organ on his small truck

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