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I have no ambition in photography other than to learn from persons who take better pictures than I do and I draw my simple pleasures from posting pictures and communicating with others ...

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  • Claudio Micheli Claudio Micheli , 26.09.14

    Thank you very much!

    Mountains- 40 - The photo was voted to the gallery Mountains- 40 - Claudio Micheli 10.11.13 231

    Have a nice week end.
    Ciao, Claudio

  • Inez Correia Marques Inez Correia Marques , 24.09.14

    Good morning dear friend...thank you for your visits . Hugs

  • LadyNoone LadyNoone , 23.09.14

    Manhattan Manhattan LadyNoone 23.09.14 8

    Hi, Leo :)
    This name is the origin of folk. Before in this place was built the shopping center, there were wild marketplace where people sold goods straight from the ground. And residents called it the Manhattan jokingly. The marketplace disappeared, the name has survived :)))

  • Silvia Corvalan Silvia Corvalan , 21.09.14

    About the second one... I'm agree with you! I was thinking a lot about it... Thanks a lot!

  • Silvia Corvalan Silvia Corvalan , 21.09.14

    Dear friend! Thank you for be always present. There is not patterns, is the mosquito net! A big hug. Silvia

  • Mirjam Burer Mirjam Burer , 20.09.14

    thank you Leonid, have a beautiful weekend,
    lg, Mirjam

    Let go .. Let go .. Mirjam Burer 19.09.14 13

  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 03.09.14

    thank you for your comment, dear Leo ... and you are so observant .... one could take tours via helicopter above the Garibaldi Highlands from Blackcomb Mountain, but this is definitely a small plane coming from who knows where to who knows where ...
    sunny Wednesday,

  • silvanaW silvanaW , 30.08.14

    ..dancer ..dancer silvanaW 11.08.14 24

    Many Thanks for all,dear Leonid ¡¡ :-)
    a Big Hug*

  • Inez Correia Marques Inez Correia Marques , 28.08.14

    good night my friend

  • Rob Nagelhout Rob Nagelhout , 18.08.14

    Hi Leonid, you're right about the tight crop under the chin but this is a real close-up portrait with my 50mm and in my viewfinder it looked as if there was more space.

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