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I have no ambition in photography other than to learn from persons who take better pictures than I do and I draw my simple pleasures from posting pictures and communicating with others ...

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  • Rob Nagelhout Rob Nagelhout , 18.08.14

    Hi Leonid, you're right about the tight crop under the chin but this is a real close-up portrait with my 50mm and in my viewfinder it looked as if there was more space.

  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 09.08.14

    dear Leo, thank you so much for your comment and link to the "dying swan" - could not watch it, am at my daughter's place now and still can't get it ... but clicked on some links on the side watching the Trockaderos - pretty funny too, and I am enjoying them !!!
    wish you an excellent weekend - and hope your birthday was special !!!
    a hug, Adele

  • D. Ynoche D. Ynoche , 07.08.14

    just 4 U - Leo! just 4 U - Leo! D. Ynoche 07.08.14 8

    what can I say more than: I wish you health, 365++++++ days in peace and last not least all what you may wish for yourself... may it become true!
    thanks for so many years of friendship (since 2005) - it's a long way...
    greetings and a birthday-hug


  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 01.08.14

    thank you for this comment and all your latest ones, dear Leo .... and especially thanks for the link - I have always found Jackson Pollock's work fascinating and do like some of it :-))) you have a great point ... and I think he may have often been inspired by natural views !!!
    hope your weekend is relaxing - still chaotic here :-)))
    a hug, Adele

    Lichen Lichen Adele Oliver 31.07.14 32

  • Tatiana Gutskova Tatiana Gutskova , 30.07.14

    Leonid, many thanks for the nice comment.

    static character static character Tatiana Gutskova 30.07.14 6

    bw Tatiana

  • Rob Nagelhout Rob Nagelhout , 19.07.14

    You've got wonderful old stuff worth looking at

  • Silvia Corvalan Silvia Corvalan , 14.07.14

    I have no particular interest in football but for 39,999,999 argentinian people is a passion! Insane passion! Thank you for your company!

  • Rob Nagelhout Rob Nagelhout , 10.07.14

    Hi Leonid, thanks to the lady for her message.
    Gr. Rob

  • silvanaW silvanaW , 09.07.14

    ..walker ..walker silvanaW 07.07.14 27

    Many thanks for all your comments,dear Leonid ¡
    a hug

  • Rob Nagelhout Rob Nagelhout , 06.07.14

    Hi Leonid, I don't blame anybody for it because it looks like snow. But our climate gives seldom snow and I love it so...bad luck living on the coast

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