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I love photography and I have been taking pictures all my life on a more or less regular basis. Because of a disability that paralyzed my right arm in 2006, I use lightweight point-and shoot cameras (Canon S95, Sony RX100) and take pictures with my left...

I take every photographic opportunity that comes my way, in monochrome and color alike. My habit is to shoot any subject that shows photographic value. I have also tried my hand in simple 2D computer graphics.

I think that people at the FC are nice and tolerant and quite a few of them are really gifted photographers. I have no ambition in photography other than to learn from persons who take better pictures than I do and I draw my simple pleasures from posting pics and communicating with others ...

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  • Tatiana Gutskova Tatiana Gutskova , 23.04.14

    Leonid, thanks for your comment and reference :).
    bw Tatiana

  • Dolores M. Dolores M. , 21.04.14

    CELEBRATION The photo was voted to the gallery CELEBRATION Dolores M. 23.01.14 91

    Thank you so much Leonid for your vote.
    Best wishes,

  • LadyNoone LadyNoone , 21.04.14

    In the Sun In the Sun LadyNoone 20.04.14 11

    Hi, Leo :)
    let the sun will be with you always :)

  • Zenonas Meskauskas Zenonas Meskauskas , 18.04.14

    Waiting for Easter... Waiting for Easter... Zenonas Meskauska… 18.04.14 2
    Thank you for your comment, congratulation and link Leonid! (Eidrigevicius is great!)

  • D. Ynoche D. Ynoche , 17.04.14

    I wish you, dear friend:

    to buddies, friends and visitors.... to buddies, friends a… D. Ynoche 17.04.14 13

    as you know I do not visit often fc....
    best wishes and greetings D.

  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 16.04.14

    Greetings Leo, and thank you for the link - but the dangerously funny video by Rene GAILLARD won't come up, and it isn't just because the subject is the snail .... none of his other ones are coming up either :-)))
    have a good evening,

  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 15.04.14

    and here you found the perfect link again ...... indeed a curious thing this throwing of sneakers over the power lines. Saw this the first time in the mid 80s in Mazatlan/Mexico - it took a while to get popular here, and although these shoes were literally around the corner from me, I have never witnessed how they got there (already removed again by BC Hydro :-))
    Many thanks !!!!!

    Look Up, Way Up Look Up, Way Up Adele Oliver 14.04.14 26

  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 15.04.14

    many thank for your comment, Leo .... and for the link. I don't know how you find them, and this one is perfect and a hoot :-))))
    cheers, Adele

    H a i r H a i r Adele Oliver 13.04.14 29

  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 12.04.14

    thank you Leo .... never thought about your interpretation, was going to call him "Smurf" :-))))
    weekend greetings,

  • LadyNoone LadyNoone , 06.04.14

    Wonderful video! I think, I'll kiss the first frog I meet :):):)

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