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Jim Wilson ,Interests Photography and Music

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  • Tatiana Gutskova Tatiana Gutskova , 16.09.10

    Jim, I really liked your photos. Great eye, a sense of shot. Good luck. Best wishes, Tatiana

  • weggi weggi , 04.11.09

    goin' down the river goin' down the river weggi 29.10.09 12
    thanks a lot dear jimmy!
    greetings, weggi

  • denisd78 denisd78 , 28.09.09

    thanks for you comment on my image!

  • Martin Wescott Martin Wescott , 08.08.09

    Thank you for you kind and thoughtful comment Jim, this is possibly my favourite pic in my album and it was taken on a very old 2 megapixel Fuji with no bells and whistles! Mother nature was very kind that day and should take the credit :)

  • WGL WGL , 03.05.09

    Thank you for your comments.

  • janusz walentyn janusz walentyn , 04.04.09

    nice photos !!!!

  • Jenny Evans Jenny Evans , 26.03.09

    Thank you very much for the comment you left on my Spot Light :)

    Regards Jenni

  • SA-Photo SA-Photo , 02.01.09

    some greetings from germany ... and a happy new year ...


    bye alex

  • Roland.H Roland.H , 16.12.08

    Thanks for you Comments
    Huuunger Huuunger Roland.H 16.12.08 15

  • felidae. felidae. , 08.12.08

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