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OK, so here it goes, sticking out my n e c k and giving you all a peek at my perspective.

Hopefully some of my photos will catch your interest and reflection.

Personally, I have found much joy in many of the wonderful photographs here at FC and give you all my total respect.

Some of my personal favorites are photos from the Black Forrest Region of Germany, as it is my first place of home. Thank you for reminding me of how beautiful it really is!

Now, living here in New Jersey, I have access to both, the rural areas with its peaceful quietness and the simplicity of nature; and the energetic vibrating and fabulously colorful urban center of New York City.
It is in both of these areas that I will focus my attention on.

Looking forward to your feedback... learning, is a continuous process....

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  • JeanPierre JeanPierre , 24.07.15

    Merci beaucoup pour cet avis !
    Provence Provence JeanPierre 23.07.15 15

  • Dolores M. Dolores M. , 05.07.15

    NEWS ... NEWS ... Dolores M. 05.07.15 20

    Danke Dir für Deinen Besuch ... ja, die Speicherstadt und auch die Stadt
    Hamburg ist absolut einen Besuch wert ... freue mich, wenn ich Dein Interesse
    wecken konnte.
    LG, Dolores

  • Certeau Dominique Certeau Dominique , 15.06.15

    Abandon Abandon Certeau Dominique 09.06.15 40

    Merci de votre regard et du commentaire.
    Bonne semaine.

  • alexander stefanatos alexander stefanatos , 11.06.15

    Thanks, dear Gem, very much and I remind you what I've told earlier that more than having my photo placed in the gallery, what counts for me is your esteem and appreciation together of the others that offered their attention on my work.
    friendly regards

  • Andy-Wood Andy-Wood , 26.04.15

    Hi Gi ... yes I did, well actually it was several days. Thanks for your comments

    Deer Deer Andy-Wood 19.04.15 6

  • groc groc , 30.03.15

    Thanks a lot for your kind comment, dear Gi.
    A hug.

    An evening drink An evening drink groc 28.03.15 14

  • alexander stefanatos alexander stefanatos , 28.03.15

    Dear Gemblue, Thanks from my heart for your attention, kind comments and, especially, for your proposal for my photo. Anything coming from a very good photographer like you is an honor to me. Photos like "Watching the waves come in", "The old village in winter", "Country living", and not only these,
    are real gems...
    Friendly regards

  • Gloria.S Gloria.S , 16.03.15

    Grazie di cuore!!!
    Ciao, Gloria

  • Alfredo Spagnoli Alfredo Spagnoli , 22.02.15

    Mille Grazie

    ALLE PRIME LUCI ALLE PRIME LUCI Alfredo Spagnoli 18.01.15 84

    Ciao, Alfredo

  • PhotoGallery byRoss13 PhotoGallery byRoss13 , 18.02.15

    Grazie ti cuore Bellissima !!.! Un abbraccio e buona giornata Ross

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