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COM'È TRISTE VENEZIA The photo was voted to the gallery COM'È TRISTE VENEZ… Cyber-Atelier Dolores… 11.11.12 92 BONSOIR The photo was voted to the gallery BONSOIR Cyber-Atelier Dolores… 08.02.12 110 LES VITRINES À VENISE LES VITRINES À VENIS… Cyber-Atelier Dolores… 05.03.14 28 1929 1929 Cyber-Atelier Dolores… 21.04.14 27


perhaps you could share the joke?! perhaps you could s… mike snead 01.04.14 25 MOMENTS MOMENTS Cyber-Atelier Dolores… 09.04.14 19


Torre de piedra Torre de piedra richardelmas 16.06.14 6

Thank you for your vote ~ GRAZIE PER IL VOSTRO VOTO ~ Merci beaucoup pour votre vote ~ Muchas gracias por vuestro voto

Thank you to my friends for their wonderful dedications

The Spirit of a Lady. The Spirit of a Lady. MAURICE CLEGG 20.07.14 7 Un p'tit air de Jazz Un p'tit air de Jazz Françoise P 02.06.14 30

Mille grazie a 'Alberto16-menuder'; Muito obrigado a 'Narcizo Liedke';



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