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100 stars, now stop to the Galleries, until further notice
100 stelline, ora stop alle Gallerie, fino a nuovo avviso
100 étoiles, maintenant arrêt aux galeries, jusqu'à nouvel ordre
100 Sterne, jetzt aufhören zu den Galerien, bis auf weiteres
100 estrellas, ahora se detienen las galerías hasta nuevo aviso

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The Ship of glass-La Nave de vero The Ship of glass-La… adriana lissandrini 05.11.14 135 November in the Lagoon November in the Lag… adriana lissandrini 28.11.14 147 In action! In action! adriana lissandrini 11.12.14 123 GOD help us! GOD help us! adriana lissandrini 12.01.15 142 Vibrations Vibrations adriana lissandrini 16.01.15 172 Venetian scene n.3 Venetian scene n.3 adriana lissandrini 23.01.15 117 Venetian scenes n.4 Venetian scenes n.4 adriana lissandrini 02.02.15 155 Carnival of Venice, the end! Carnival of Venice, th… adriana lissandrini 14.02.15 139 Venetian Scene n.5 Venetian Scene n.5 adriana lissandrini 07.03.15 124 Venetian Scene n.6 Venetian Scene n.6 adriana lissandrini 11.03.15 120

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