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Tarwak An Old Mate, 74 Year Old Builder and Still Building!! Story Within and Answer.

Tarwak An Old Mate, 74 Year Old Builder and Still Building!! Story Within and Answer.

John Moore

Free Member, Karratha

Tarwak An Old Mate, 74 Year Old Builder and Still Building!! Story Within and Answer.

This very fit old fellow, Tarwak is a 74 year old builder, stops his work for a few minutes to have a chat and offer some fruit or food.

Now the answer to the previous question, the two red fruit.
Here is the answer.
The Genus; Carissa acuminata and bispinosa, grandiflora, Family APOCYNACEAE
A handsome shrub with sharp forked like prongs, producing beautiful fragrant white Jasmine like flowers.
Native to ; The Natal province "KwaZulu-" of South Africa, Rhodesia and Mozambique.
Know as the;
Amantungulu by the Zulu's.
Grootnoemnoem by the Afrikaaners.
Big Num-Num by the English speaking,, it is also know as the Natal Plum, however it is not a plum at all.
The scarlet coloured fruit are sweet, juicy and delicious, Jams, juices and jellies are made from the fruit.
The fruit can be purchaed during the summer along the roadside, picked and sold by young natives to the area.
Found in wooded area's in the African Bushveld.
The roots are used by some of the native tribes, to cure painful toothache.
Carissa bispinosa, is also take by The Swazi warriors for courage before they kill a bull bare handed, to prove their Manhood.
Many of you guessed a number of things, and may I say you were all correct, they do look like Port wine Magnolia, coffee beans
The buds from Mangroves and some what like plums.
I was born in South Africa and lived there for 24 year and only once have I seen it in Africa.
Photographed this one in Northern Thailand.
Thank you all for being patient!!


Comments 24

  • hrishikesh thakur 04/11/2009 15:41

  • Udo Kastner 08/14/2007 8:07

    Very good picture !
  • Michael Henderson 08/08/2007 18:38

    Excellent Portrait. The skin tones tell a story of a hard life. Very well done.

    Best Wishes.
  • Daniela Faschingbauer 04/05/2007 22:14

    wonderful portrait !
  • Der Frosch 04/04/2007 1:20

    It's great...if a face reflects a life....really nice photo

    Greetz Frosch
  • Pascal Viyer 03/30/2007 19:14

    A splendid portrait which breathes of trust. A trust enters you and this old man, friendship !
    amitié J.
  • Erland Pillegaard 03/30/2007 8:11

    Hi John
    Will only say,very good portrait you have capture here
  • Robert L. Roux 03/28/2007 16:45

    he's a great looking youngster
    who has learned, no doubt,
    it's best to keep active
    even in our golden years ...
    greetz aus up-over
    where my day is about to begin -
    in this corner of our very small world
    we're nearly last to get going ... ;-))
    salut et merci, amigo mio
  • Dragomir Vukovic 03/27/2007 10:23

    strong shot
  • Joachim Häfner 03/27/2007 8:59

    The man still is looking young. Nice picture.
    best wishes, Joachim
  • Claire Laira 03/27/2007 7:47

    Good portrait....a face with lifelines...!
    And thanks for the explanation...
    Cheers, Claire
  • Frechdax . 03/26/2007 23:12

    interesting portrait!
    (thanks for the comments, John. I will bake for you a cake.. *g*)
  • Cees Kuijs 03/26/2007 22:01

    Very good portrait, John !! He is in a very good shape for a man of his age. And then still working !! I can only hope that I `m retired at that age :-))
    Greetings, Cees
  • Matthias Naumann 03/26/2007 21:45

    a great portrait...

  • Tanjung-Pinang 03/26/2007 20:36

    Thank you for showing and the big interesting story.
  • Reinhardt Graetz 03/26/2007 20:20

    You can see all the decades of a long life in this face! Very impressive shot!
    LG Reinhardt
  • Colja P. 03/26/2007 20:20

    Alright, now I know what "KwaZulu" has to do with the fruit. Thank you for broadening my horizons, John.
    You did a good job on the pic of "Tarwak". He still seems to be very fit. It's sad, though, that he still has to work in order to get something to eat.
    TC Colja.
  • JVision 03/26/2007 20:07

    I knew the fruit taste so delicious :-)
    Very nice portrait of an impressing man.
  • Tom McAlexander 03/26/2007 20:07

    Seven years older than me and ten years younger than me.
  • John Bennett 03/26/2007 20:00

    Wonderful age and still working.I Hope I reach it. Great portrait, John.
  • Kerstin Rösler 03/26/2007 19:39

    Absolut respect !!!
    Bless you kerst
  • roswitha wesiak 03/26/2007 18:09

    very interessting, a great man and pic rgds rosi
  • Margarete 03/26/2007 18:03

    eine eindrucksvolle persoenlichkeit. vlg maggy
  • Véronique Soulier 03/26/2007 17:28

    I really enjoy your travel diary, we learn a lot of thing everyday .. great pleasure and on this one handsome man.. ciao VS