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My Trip With Son David Continued, No.10. Please read the story within !!

My Trip With Son David Continued, No.10. Please read the story within !!

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John Moore

Free Member, Karratha

My Trip With Son David Continued, No.10. Please read the story within !!

Part ten of the story!!
It is very early morning as we stroll along the gorge, not a single crocodile to be seen yet,
although I know there are many.
I believe that the banks will be crawling with them in another 15 minutes,
Soon there is movement in that water, guess what?
OK. You are spot on.
Here I spot one, it is a, Johnson or freshwater crocodile, (Crocodylus johnstoni)
The freshwater crocs are shy of humans and considered to be relatively harmless.
However the estuarine crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) known as the saltwater crocodile,
Is a man eater and should not be approached under any circumstances.
There are warning signs in areas that these crocodiles frequent, please don’t try and be
A hero.
There are 22 species of crocodiles world-wide, two of which are endemic to Australia:
How do you tell the difference?
Tomorrow I shall show you the difference.
Well see you later with some more crocs.
A link for those interested.

Have a happy day.

Walkabout John.

Comments 22

  • Wilhelm H. 07/06/2007 18:23

    Oh, I´m glad, they´re shy of humans
    see ya mate
  • N. Claudia 05/06/2007 16:08

    wow, this looks almost alarming.
    lg. Claudia
  • Pascal Viyer 05/02/2007 18:26

  • Aniko Mocher 05/02/2007 11:05

    Uhhhhhhh, scarry looking creature captured very well:o)
  • JVision 05/01/2007 20:48

    I was seeing Crocodile Dundee today in tv :-) You have been very brave to take such a close up picture of the croc !!!
  • Helga Broel 05/01/2007 16:46

    nice freshy!
    LG Helga
  • Colja P. 05/01/2007 10:49

    I believe I wouldn't be man enough to stick around long enough to figure out what species that reptile belongs to.
    Great shot, Mr. Hogan! ;-)
  • Brigitte Lucke 04/30/2007 23:45

    I remember one of Australien's crocodile heroes had an accident last summer, and his daughter give staments in the radio. I hope you didn't slpash in the water!
    Cheers Brigitte
  • Kerstin Rösler 04/30/2007 15:14

    Take always care, John!!!

    bless you kerst
  • Alexis Bartmann 04/30/2007 12:09

    I learned at a Crocodile farm that while the Crocodiles and Aligators in Africa, Asia and America have a hard armour as you would expect it, the ones in Australia are soft because they have no natural enemies. This is really surprising when you touch them.
  • Wolfgang Kölln 04/30/2007 11:08

    Nice capture, John.
    Cheers Wolfgang
  • Joachim Häfner 04/30/2007 10:59

    A nice crocodile with lovely eyes.
    Greetings, Joachim
  • Valeria Bazzan 04/30/2007 10:12

    I think "relatively armless" would not be enough for me, I would have run away as fast as I could. Congrats for your steel nerves ;-)
    Ciao, Valeria
  • Frechdax . 04/30/2007 9:29

    You are Crocodile Dundee? ;-)))

    Have a fine day John!
  • Tanjung-Pinang 04/30/2007 9:25

    I think the different is sweet-water and salt-water crocs. I dont wont meet such a guy.
    br monika