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Evgeny Ametist

Free Member, Moscow


3D Anaglyph

Comments 31

  • Eva Mondkind 10/02/2010 4:12

    Stunning!!! :-)
  • Sasha Becher 09/11/2007 21:16

    Sad scenerio seeing 96 vote contra on an image they
    haven't seen yet.
    Go and buy these cheap but great glasses before you judge!
    Or search in general:
    Best Regards,
  • Evgeny Ametist 09/04/2007 19:39

    Thank you Vera.Indeed I did not pretend on some uniqueness of this picture.
    But whomever he liked and I pleased this.I simply to like to work with anaglyph.
    I adore Your macro.Regards,Evgeny.
  • Vera Böhm 09/04/2007 18:22

    Well, Evgeny, I feel exactly like Peter said.
    Why not vote skip, when I can not see and
    understand the picture. Go on, you are doing
    a great job!
    Regards, Vera
  • Evgeny Ametist 09/01/2007 12:40

    Thank you Peter okay.
  • Peter. Gau 09/01/2007 12:09

    Hi Evgeny,
    I find it a bit sad, that so many people chose to vote contra even though they didn't look at the pic with these 3d glasses. a skip would have been in order for that imo.
    I like the idea and when ever i get a chance i will get myself such glasses as i really would like to see what it looks like.
    regards, peter
  • Evgeny Ametist 08/31/2007 20:48

    Thank You gentlemen for constructive critic and positive reviews.
    This gives me possibility to do work with the best quality.
    Special thanks Neil Auty.
  • Dennis Maloney 08/30/2007 23:45

    Great image....I have enjoyed Evgeny's work for some time, his work is exceptional, and the image viewed through 3D glasses is amazing to say the least....PRO

    p.s. those who criticize it must not have looked at it as instructed, with 3-D glasses......
  • Valfoto 08/30/2007 23:45

  • Dominique Duriot 08/30/2007 23:45

    sorry without special glasses we can not see anything...
  • Kombizz Kashani 08/30/2007 23:45

  • Peter. Gau 08/30/2007 23:45

    no glasses, no vote... skip :-(
  • Abdul Khaliq 08/30/2007 23:45

  • Vera Böhm 08/30/2007 23:45

    Well, as I do have a pair of 3D glasses, which I bought at the local optician store, I can say the picture looks very impressive to me, I go vote pro.
    By the way, I paid 1 Euro for the glasses.
  • Véronique Soulier 08/30/2007 23:45

    as I have not the glasses, I skip..
  • Geoff Ashton 08/30/2007 23:45

  • Tom McAlexander 08/30/2007 23:45

    I, like I suspect most of you, do not have a pair of 3D glasses, but I do have a set of Wratten filters, which includes red and cyan. Yes, it is nice in 3D; however, I do not particularly like the crop and the bg is too busy for me. Again, nice...but not gallery for me.
  • Christian Knospe 08/30/2007 23:45

  • Tom McAlexander 08/30/2007 23:45

  • Luc Grollie 08/30/2007 23:45

    no wow for me, sorry....
  • aw masry 08/30/2007 23:45

    A unique style ... but i 'm not sure for gallery.
    For the split RGB channel
  • Zion 08/30/2007 23:45

    too blurring contra
  • Michael Henderson 08/30/2007 23:45

    Sorry, Contra
  • Jutta.M. 08/30/2007 23:45

  • Inez Correia Marques 08/30/2007 23:45

    NO. SORRY .



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