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let's rule the world

fujifilm finepix s5600&photoshop cs 2

Comments 35

  • Sarah D. Kiefer 04/19/2007 5:55

    thanks to all who commented and voted... good to see discussion as always!
  • Jacqueline Chay 04/19/2007 5:55

    Could not work out if it was Pro or Anti smoking. - Contra - Nice idea though
  • Abdul Khaliq 04/19/2007 5:55

    Same as Ruud.
  • Roberto Grilli 04/19/2007 5:55

    The idea is very good. The message is clear (to me anyway). The final picture is not strong enough for that message.
  • Oliver Suhr 04/19/2007 5:55

    I don't like the text, but it is still pro.
  • Peter. Gau 04/19/2007 5:55

    Have seen better shots of this type here, the cigarette in front is burned out at the top and that bothers me. Also find the crop on the left not so good.
    A good picture but not outstanding imo. Sorry, -
  • MWPhoto 04/19/2007 5:55

    photo is so-so
    photo + text = potent image
    and I am an image guy ...
    this image succeeds for me, thanks Sarah!
  • When 04/19/2007 5:55

    Good one Sarah. Thanks for bringing Jitaru's images to my attention. Fantastic creative and thoughtful series.
  • Robert Riley 04/19/2007 5:55

    I think I see the point, that is, Tobacco Barons exploitation of the third world. But maybe wrong. Judging the photo, its not good enough for the Gallery.

    I dont like the crop, the lead fag is badly positioned, and it is blown out at the top. Could have been a great deal better.
  • Véronique Soulier 04/19/2007 5:55

    all is said, no for me too, sorry
  • DRAGA PUC 04/19/2007 5:55

    there is no other option
    p r o
  • Alexandra Baltog 04/19/2007 5:55

    PRO...and a BIG...booster! ;-)
  • Susie Q 04/19/2007 5:55

    Not gallery for me sorry ...
  • Dominique Duriot 04/19/2007 5:55

    sorry dont see it...
  • Stefan S. Mosley 04/19/2007 5:55

    Where's the "WOW" effect you always yearn for, Sarah? I join the others here and wonder if you see values that none of us do here.
  • Maguire 04/19/2007 5:55

  • Claire Laira 04/19/2007 5:55

  • ~Merlin~ 04/19/2007 5:55

  • Frank Cecconi 04/19/2007 5:55

  • Vesela Maleeva 04/19/2007 5:55

    Pro, for originality.
  • BRYAN CRUTE 04/19/2007 5:55

    I must be missing something ? sorry not for me.
  • Theo Weijmer 04/19/2007 5:55

    I don't get the message either, and also don't see the gallery in this picture, sorry contra
  • Dragomir Vukovic 04/19/2007 5:55

  • Pat McMullen 04/19/2007 5:55

    Without the words, I would not have any idea what the message is in this photo. I think a photo should say the message without type. I can appreciate the effort in "saying" something with the image though. The shadows,especially in the background are a little too haphazard for me. With this kind of photo I believe that it should have more directedness to it, messagewise and also graphicwise. I'd like to see more tonality in it. It seems to lack some contrast in that respect. As a purely aesthetic image, it doesn't have alot of appeal to me. Sorry, but i have to say Contra.
  • Tom McAlexander 04/19/2007 5:54

    If there is a message in this, it's very subtle and I don't get it. Although I admire anyone's ability to stand a bunch of cigarettes on end, their placement is too random (or not random enough if it's supposed to be random), the soft focus throughout doesn't work for me, the cigarettes are not all precisely vertical, and the crop on the left leaves a bit to be desired. Not that it's a really bad foto or a bad idea, it just doesn't say Gallery to me. Contra