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Esti Eini

Free Member, Raanana

Comments 36

  • Patrick B. Parenteau 09/20/2006 8:43

    I recommend that people look at the rest of this series in Esti's portfolio.
  • Seagaul 09/20/2006 0:08

    Well, there were many comments on the technical aspects of the picture - true, it was not meant to meet "gallery standards", whatever they are, it was my idea to raise the issue.
    Thanks Esti to bring the picture up, thanks the Roberts for the emotional support, thanks Patrick for the wise judgement.
    I thought it was worthwile bringing it to attention to so many people. Thanks for joining the discussion and for taking your time.
  • Valfoto 09/19/2006 23:26

  • Patrick B. Parenteau 09/19/2006 23:26

    This is a very delicate comment on the ravages of war. Esti could have chosen a bloody street scene or destroyed buildings which would have "spoken for itself". True gallery work would be somewhere between this image and the real horrors of battle. Sorry Esti - contra.
  • Christian Knospe 09/19/2006 23:26

  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 09/19/2006 23:26

    its a lovely photo but not for gallery sorry
  • Maguire 09/19/2006 23:26

    more contra
  • Seagaul 09/19/2006 23:26

    @celal, that is a point worth discussing, thank you !
  • °°° celle °°° 09/19/2006 23:26

    that is an image wich have opened an interesting discusion.....
    personaly i agree with falco and robert in the point about the impact buuut i also have to agree about the quality....
    also the point of view from hewig is well, too could be done by an insect too.....

    anyhow a documantry image with a story, but the quality could be better
    my idea is.. to see the same image in bw...would be better imho...but thats just my taste ;-))

  • Costantinos Milonas 09/19/2006 23:26

    Sorry contra.
  • Mircea Tiron-Tudor 09/19/2006 23:26

    Not for gallery !
  • r o l f WENGENroth 09/19/2006 23:26

  • Abdul Khaliq 09/19/2006 23:26

  • Claude Coeudevez 09/19/2006 23:26

    Not for gallery
  • Dominique Duriot 09/19/2006 23:26

    Difficult....I would say Pro for the story
    but for gallery it means an excellent picture
    I'll skip
  • Véronique Soulier 09/19/2006 23:26

    contra.. sorry
  • Ivano Cheli (1) 09/19/2006 23:26

  • Robert L. Roux 09/19/2006 23:26

    P R O ...
  • Mark Johnston 09/19/2006 23:26

    Photography may not always be about perfect exposure, balance, and following of rules, but I absolutely believe that a vote to gallery needs more than is presented. Just the picture itself does not show me any impact, story, or human interest without the words. I feel that much of the work by outstanding photojournalists in the media today can all of that. Sorry. C.
  • Igor Flasz 09/19/2006 23:26

    Not for gallery
  • Robert Riley 09/19/2006 23:26

    This is a Falco type shot, if you care to look and see, it has a simple message. It is in the right channel. Some should engage their brain before opening their mouths! PRO!

    If photography is about being perfectly exposed, balanced and adheres to the rules, 90% of all the photographs we see every day in the media would be considered rubbish. The point is the impact, story, and in this case the human interest.

    Perhaps Esti would have been better advised to set up a perfect 'still life' studio shot, then it might be photographically sound. But that would remove all emotion and sense of truth and reality.
  • Klaus der Sandmann 09/19/2006 23:26

  • Peter. Gau 09/19/2006 23:26

  • Theo Weijmer 09/19/2006 23:26

    The background is to clear and there is to much to see in my opnion and I don't see the gallery in the picture itself, nice picture but for me not a gallery shot, sorry contra
  • Seagaul 09/19/2006 23:26

    The shot itself is not trying to be photographically exceptional - that is correct. I choose it to be. And I think it is - us such -