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Greetings From Perth Australia!!! Story within.

Greetings From Perth Australia!!! Story within.

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John Moore

Free Member, Karratha

Greetings From Perth Australia!!! Story within.

Hello to all my friends out there in the cyber space we share!!!
Friday Morning 29th June.
We were up at 5am in Hanoi, to check all was ready for our departure to Singapore, next we popped out for a street breakfast and then paid my hotel bill of 7,465.000 Dong.
It is so easy to be a multi millionaire in some of the South East Asian countries.
At 7.30 am our taxi arrived to take us to the airport, we checked in and headed off for some duty free shopping.
An announcement told us that our flight would be delayed by half an hour, no problem I thought; we have four hours at Singapore airport.
We arrived at Singapore and it was raining but steaming hot, visited the new smoking cactus garden.
Next we hopped on the sky-train, and headed off to Terminal two for an issue of boarding passes, the airport has installed these foot and leg massage units and they are wonderful, next we head off to our lounge, for yet another ½ hour delay before heading off to Perth.
We arrived in Perth at midnight and not without a great deal of drama.
We were randomly selected to a questioner regarding our travels throughout South East Asia and what we had brought into the country from that area.
I had checked every item as I know how strict the regulations are in Australia, I also fully understand why they are so strict and agree with these regulations myself.
We did however have some extra cigarettes with us and had to pay duty on them.
This was an honest mistake on my part, as I had not realised that regulations had changed.
So I paid the duty and off we went at great speed as we were bushes.
At 3am we arrived at the hotel only to discover that my laptop was not with us, phoned the customs, who claim they had not seen it, but to phone lost properties in the morning.
When I awoke, I phone the lost and found, but they had already shut.
My laptop has my life story in it, together with all my contacts worldwide, it is also my telephone directory.
Well today I phoned the department and good news; customs had found it in the x ray machine.
Now I am as happy as a pig in the mud.
I have a few days of running around and will be able to settle down again before making the 1600 kilometre trip to the North West, of West Australia, Karratha.
I will be off air there as I will be living in the outback at a friend’s gemstone mine.
Today I took my friend down the street from the hotel, so she could see a little of the city of Perth, although it is cold and raining here.
I took this photo of one of the quaint old fire stations in the CBD and thought I would upload it.
So my friends I should be back on sometime tomorrow.
I have to get some shuteye, cannot keep my eyes open.
Best wishes to you all!!

Walkabout John, Perth.

Comments 24

  • Joachim Kalkhof 04/20/2008 19:37

    A fantastic picture! I like these old buildings!
    LG Joachim
    Best regard from Germany,
  • a.s. gierke 03/13/2008 12:13

    What a kind of station (firestation ;-)).
    Regards to Perth.
  • Kerstin Jung 07/06/2007 19:37

    That is really a beautiful old building. Like it.
    Take some time to relax before your next trip.
    Welcome home.
    Greetings Kerstin
  • Piroska Baetz 07/06/2007 9:17

    a beautiful building admission, good color and perspective. .mit an interesting skillful….
    greetings. piri

    HP: many dear owing to for the nice note under my picture
  • Christian Michalski 07/03/2007 12:30

    Welcome back home!
    Fine pic and exciting story.
    Gemstone mine in Australia - that was the plan I had with a friend at school when we dreamed of climbing over that big fence of the prison they called real existing communism. Years ago.
    Still a dream today, the prison is now called realism.
    Thanks for being part of the dreams you are living.
  • Sibylle C. 07/03/2007 6:38

    Excellent picture from the Fire Station.
    Greatings from Switzerland

  • Robert L. Roux 07/03/2007 6:06

    welcome home -
    and belated canada day greetings
    from your friend to the north
    or maybe the south ... ;-))
  • Wilhelm H. 07/02/2007 23:26

    Very interessting architectuere. Nice Picture. So you are back mate,
    Greetiings Wilhelm
  • Wolfgang Kölln 07/02/2007 19:47

    Hi John, glad you made it back to your home country, and of course I'm happy too that they found your laptop! What an amazing journey you made! Don't you ever need a rest?...? ;-)))
    Cheers Wolfgang
  • Rüdiger Kautz 07/02/2007 19:42

    Nice pic.
    Best regards Ruediger
  • Andrej Nagode 07/02/2007 18:52

    Wonderful picture!
    Best wishes,
  • Ivan Zuliani 07/02/2007 18:13

    Eccellente rappresentazione!!!!.Prospettiva e definizione pregevoli. Super John, tanti saluti, Ivan.
  • Rainer. Wagner 07/02/2007 17:48

    Home again !
    Take time for a little wellness after this long trip

  • Bogie 07/02/2007 16:21

    Great pic mate and welcome back in Australia;-) God bless you! Norbert
  • Colja P. 07/02/2007 13:13

    Hi, John. Glad you made it back to Australia.
    You should consider getting an external harddrive to make a backup of your important data. That way you can keep it apart from your laptop while traveling. ;-)
    That's one beautiful building. Could be some movie set at Universal Studios!
    Best wishes to you, mate.