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Decatur - IV

HDR photography. put on exhibition 27.01.07-17.02.07 in Dulcinea Oda Gallery, Istanbul.

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  • Anne Louise Schneider 06/24/2007 10:08

    It`s well done - I like it very much. best wishes Anne
  • Qwasga 06/22/2007 14:19

    Amazing !
  • Sergio Pessolano 06/06/2007 18:33

    Very creative, strong work. PRO
  • neurosynthetic 06/06/2007 18:33

    i wonder if I'll make it to the gallery this time. its 98 votes already. welcome the final hour.

    its nice to see people get to comment on my works based on the style its been done under, obviously there's an ongoing theme. i'd like to thank all fellow photographers watching my works.

    HDR is my method of creating an oil painting of the late 20's. when I first started out the decatur project, the theme was based on the 20's. however, right before shooting I changed my mind and the studio was converted to a post-90s bar with two girls partying hard. perhaps 20's was too distant for a guy in his 20s. my impression of the past was not sufficient to create a strong and drastic image.

    there is a huge storyboard consisting of 27 images, but I really didn't want to spoil it all.

    anyways, i've just begun to shoot my urban flesh revisited series, and all your valuable comments helped me out. thanks everyone, for taking your time.

  • Black Destiny 06/06/2007 18:33

    I like about this photo that it leaves the feeling that something is about to happen, although it looks like alot have happened already. Something like the hush before the storm.
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 06/06/2007 18:33

  • Valfoto 06/06/2007 18:33

  • Roberto Grilli 06/06/2007 18:33

    It looks good in the first look.
    If I go deep, found some points what I don't like.
    Example: the pose of hand of the girl on floor, it looks very unrealistic for this picture.
    Also the highlights and midtones are not perfect, IMO.
  • Stefano G. Spedicato 06/06/2007 18:33

  • DRAGA PUC 06/06/2007 18:33

  • Darinka Mladenovic 06/06/2007 18:33

    Big PRO
  • Michel Derksen 06/06/2007 18:33

    Pro, a big one!
  • Inez Correia Marques 06/06/2007 18:33

    After my own heart .. love it
  • steffen s... 06/06/2007 18:33

  • Geoff Ashton 06/06/2007 18:33

    like Mikael
    i find the hdr isnt quit fitting
    but thats only me sorry contra
  • Robert Riley 06/06/2007 18:33

    One of the most thought provoking images to appear on FC. First reaction; ?

    PP got it right; Party gone wrong. There are so many disturbing aspects to this. I can envisage some diverse opinions at an exhibition in Istanbul, Yasemin likes it, so I suppose my conception of Istanbul may need to change.

    Violation, Violence and Vitriolic behaviour. Female suppression comes to mind! Why are they dressed like that?

    It is in 'Fashion and Glamour'. I see little Fashion and it is not Glamourous, but that is inconsequential. The fact is that whatever the photogarphers motivation was, it worked.

    Big Pro! 10.
  • °°° celle °°° 06/06/2007 18:32

  • Massimo Carolla 06/06/2007 18:32

  • Sarah D. Kiefer 06/06/2007 18:32

    good heavens, yes! +++++
  • Alison Wiseman 06/06/2007 18:32

  • Claire Laira 06/06/2007 18:32

  • Claude Coeudevez 06/06/2007 18:32

  • Dominique Duriot 06/06/2007 18:32

  • Vesela Maleeva 06/06/2007 18:32

  • Robyn Raggio 06/06/2007 18:32

    Great rendering of this post-disturbance with a dark edge that teeters on the brink of deviance. Deviant behavior often defines what becomes the norm, but for the moment, the edginess has grabbed the attention of the viewers and holds them captive, wondering what in tarnation went on here. Great incomplete story concept, allowing the viewers to fill in the blanks. Light is a bit hot on the spent beauty on the bar, but the overall scene rises above the small technical weaknesses. PRO!