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Bin Im Laden


Cooling down the hot body


In tropical countries it gets very hot. Especially in daytime women often prefer sleeping on the cooler wooden floor to the heat of a soft bed.

Picture taken in Yeng Keng Hotel in Penang while traveling in Malaysia with a former Buddhist nun from Thailand, same me in search for enlightenment.
Sometimes we could reach satori together!

Om mani padme hum........

Scan from slide.
Full frame.
Ein fuß er ist unter rahmen;-)
And as nice as the other one.
Happy searching!

The Yeng Keng Hotel in Penang 2008
The Yeng Keng Hotel in Penang 2008
Bin Im Laden


Comments 17

  • Bri Bri 04/20/2011 15:47

    Hingebungsvolle Frau!
  • cirrus56 04/20/2011 15:22

    Definately missing the cockroaches in that pic.
    But you cannot have everything for 4 bucks a night.
    The medicine you might need afterwards will cost a lot more, he,he ...
    5 ***** + for the pic, not for the room *lol*

    lg Gunther
  • Alfons Gellweiler 04/20/2011 15:20

    Kreatives Chaos. Ein Wahnsinnsfoto !

  • Susanne Marx 04/20/2011 15:11

    Krass, das Bild geht unter die Haut!
    LG Susanne
  • Bin Im Laden 02/01/2011 12:51

    @Ernst Seifert:
    Dear Ernst, I think du bist ein hellseher!
    In fact she was depending on valium.
    She did believe too much in weisskittel and became one of the many victims of the pharma maffia.
    In the long run she unfortunately didn't reach enlightenment but got quite crazy and agressive:-(.
    It's a very sad story.
  • Ernst Seifert 01/29/2011 18:24

    Zu viele Schlaftabletten, das kann lange dauern.
    VG Ernst
  • Allda 01/28/2011 16:19

    nice n' messy ...
    cheers 2 y'all !
    Dein Fotokoffer ?
  • Klexy – Bewahrer des Augenblix¸ Hüter des Worz 01/27/2011 23:43

    Wenn sie älter werden, werden sie dann noch seltsamer
  • Klexy – Bewahrer des Augenblix¸ Hüter des Worz 01/27/2011 20:28

    You Lüstling, you!
  • Bin Im Laden 01/27/2011 13:27

    @Cindy, Klexy und hanna:
    Nein, es ist kein mord nicht!
    Und auch sie nicht wurde erstochen.
    Zumindest nicht mit ein messer;-)
  • Carmen Mc Lean 01/27/2011 12:56

    I'd appreciate to stay in hot country and not in the verdammte Kaelte hier!
    Love Carmen
  • Cameron 01/27/2011 10:48

    cool somehow.
  • Yvonne Steiger 01/26/2011 23:30

    just great, strong and alife..die Reise zur Erleuchtung und alles was an material things makes it so heavy to go, great pic, really
  • 01/26/2011 22:00


  • Frederick Mann 01/26/2011 18:03

    i've learnt something today
    my friends will be surprised by what I know
    (besides this picture is fascinating..
  • Klexy – Bewahrer des Augenblix¸ Hüter des Worz 01/26/2011 16:56

    Kurz before the police comes and makes some Kreidestriche drumrum.


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