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Some sea-gulls & backlight

Comments 29

  • hrishikesh thakur 05/19/2009 19:44

    yesssssssssssssssssssssssss ! nice shot
  • Dmitri Zakovorotny 03/27/2006 9:12

    Thanks for opinions.Your attention is very important for me.
  • Jan Van Der Hooft 03/26/2006 16:40

    Dont like the light like this
  • Christian Knospe 03/26/2006 16:40

  • When 03/26/2006 16:40

    I'm just not grooving on it. Don't know why, just not my thing, maybe because it is TOO well composed, seems contrived, too textbook.
  • Abdul Khaliq 03/26/2006 16:40

    Guys, Your Pro's are taking me deep into the Picture so many times but still i coudn't come to any discission to give PRO.
    @Valdimir, is there some thing hidden or out of my tought ?
    I have to still vote.
  • Patrick B. Parenteau 03/26/2006 16:40

    Pro - so subtle - pastel and elegant with lots of space to fly. The birds make the shot.
  • Dagmar E. 03/26/2006 16:40

  • Dominic Falcone 03/26/2006 16:40

  • Valfoto 03/26/2006 16:40

    For the mood created................. PRO
  • Seagaul 03/26/2006 16:40

    O.k. the horizon is hardly visible and not straight the overall impact is less attacky, it is more honouring the number 3.
    You should have cropped more seriously the right part right away. Colors are a bit to weary.
    I say pro for the invisible hints and secret meanings.
  • Peter Kis kalóz 03/26/2006 16:40

    The shoreline is not straight (0,3 degrees) but the shoreline is far , so we can say this is the horizon.:)
  • Ron Couwenberg 03/26/2006 16:40

  • Robert Riley 03/26/2006 16:40

    So, the horizon is straight, or not, I cannot tell, and it does not matter. PRO.
  • Victor Servián 03/26/2006 16:40

    Perdón, quise decir CONTRA.
  • Victor Servián 03/26/2006 16:40

    Sorry. Pro.
  • Vladimir Danilov 03/26/2006 16:40

    @Celal: let's wait what the author says... I have written to him. ;-))
  • °°° celle °°° 03/26/2006 16:40

    the line is straight in the background.....
    take a loook and u will see ;-))))

    but no matter......i see it slight
  • Vladimir Danilov 03/26/2006 16:40

    @Fabio: hmmm... it's getting already interesting... I should ask the author... 8-//

    Just curious, Fabio - what line did you measure on? I still can not find any to refer.
  • °°° celle °°° 03/26/2006 16:40

    yessssss....good u r my dear fc- souls....

    delete my first vote
    and i am giving a BIG heart PRO

    c yaa
  • Dennis Veldman 03/26/2006 16:40

    i dont notice anything from the horizon, because it isnt obvious in this photograph.
    The birds look like they are drawn in.
    Im not sure, maybe i will make a decission after a few looks, at different times of day.
    at this moment, right now, i dont feel it yet.
    Ill be back

  • Vladimir Danilov 03/26/2006 16:39

    @Celal: I think it's just an optical illusion made by the shore-shapes. It's a master-hand applied here so I have no doubt the horizont-line is properly aligned.
  • Vladimir Danilov 03/26/2006 16:39

    This image has everything to call it impressive and masterful: impact composition, tender and comfortable toning, clear depth you can almost physically feel. A wonderful piece of our world masterfully presented.
  • Janka Z 03/24/2006 15:11

    I like the atmoshpere and overall feeling
  • Dmitri Zakovorotny 03/24/2006 14:52

    Thanks Vladimir. I'll try to post only my best works