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M. Haider

Free Member, Vienna

[ anti bush ]

anti-bush demo, vienna, june 2006

[ anti bush 2 ]
[ anti bush 2 ]
M. Haider

[ anti bush 3 ]
[ anti bush 3 ]
M. Haider

Comments 39

  • Konstantinos Papazoglou 07/31/2006 12:52

  • Jpablo BA 07/29/2006 21:53

  • Patrick B. Parenteau 07/29/2006 16:35

    Thanks for the update on how the shot was done. Unfortunately it was more information than I had hoped for. The idea that you had to aquire the shot covertly because there was so much tension in the air for participants and photographers really appealed to me.

    To find that you had unlimited access and that the protester was just left there on the ground as a photo op for the media instead of being arrested and taken away, removes much of the passion from this shot that originally impressed me. It's stll an excellent image and deserving of the gallery, but .......
  • Dirk Hofmann 07/28/2006 13:04


    good to see the photo was apreciated ...
  • Maguire 07/28/2006 10:35

    Ah thank goodness. So deserving of the gallery. Congratulations M.

  • M. Haider 07/28/2006 9:09

    thanks guys! i'm quite surprised! :)
    the title of course only works with the series.. i didn't upload the whole series here though..
    and @patrick parenteau: no, i didn't take this picture secretly.. the compsition is all planned out, and i probably took around 30 pics of the same situation, just different angles and composition.. the police didn't mind.. they even let me enter their circle to take pictures there... :)
  • Mark Johnston 07/28/2006 5:32

    Its funny to read the amount of worrying over the title of an outstanding photo. How many shots put into the gallery had the most brilliant titles thought up?!
    Outstanding photojournalism, a powerful shot that really makes on think.I think I already commented on another from this excellent series of work but unfortunately wasnt around to give my pro vote for this.
  • VIERZEHN 07/28/2006 5:18

    Can see the message... but... everyone there could take that picture... that´s photography

    Well done


  • Rieva Azrul A 07/28/2006 4:49

    gilak...margit masuk gallery :-O
    baru pertama kali gabung langsung masuk....
    well, memang bagus sih fotonya marg
    sampai jumpa di jogjakarta ya :)

    nice one
  • Dennis Veldman 07/27/2006 23:43

  • Patrick B. Parenteau 07/27/2006 23:43

    The angle of the shot looks like the photographer was holding the camera at arms length, straight down, and fired blind without the cops knowing. The protester is hog tied and surrounded by riot gear officers who are enforcing some BS doctrine that Mr. Bush is not to be disturbed during his visit. Same crap happend here in Canada when US special agents dictated secruity procedures that didn't allow protesters to be within sight of the Bush parade.

    I don't know what this suspect did, but you can bet free speach was left on the ground along with him, isolated, immobalized and humiliated. I get the feeling the whole world is about to become one big, omnipresent police state. It's shots like this that might keep it from happening. Pro -
  • Ron Couwenberg 07/27/2006 23:43

    I don't agree how is pic is cropped. However the image story is powerfull....Pro.
  • Dragomir Vukovic 07/27/2006 23:43

  • Dirk Hofmann 07/27/2006 23:43

    what a nice collection of interesting points of view ... :-)
  • Robert Riley 07/27/2006 23:43

    Has to be Gallery. PRO.


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