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John Moore

Free Member, Karratha

60 Tons Of Pure Gold, yes 60 Tons!! Story Within.

Located just a bit north of downtown it is the masterpiece site for visitors to Yangon Myanmar.
The myths and legends of the Pagoda tell that it was built 2,500 years ago.
The present structure was erected in the 15th Century.
Though the Stupa is about 100 metres in height, the elegant proportion is still
a model for Architects today. As one of the most famous Buddhist monuments, one can see almost
all of Buddhists activity in this place. The Stupa is gold covered, there are said to be valuable gems on top. The bells
within the “umbrella” on top chime in the wind. The atmosphere is very
nice early morning or late afternoon. You can walk around the Stupa,
many buildings for religious purposes are set around. The stairways
leading to the Stupa are all lined with small shops, selling mainly
religious items used for worshipping.
This is Myanmar's holiest monument the Shwedagon Pagoda with its golden Stupa covered with 60
tons of pure gold leaf.
Best wishes from Thailand.

Walkabout John.

Comments 25

  • Wilhelm H. 05/03/2007 1:15

    Wonderful picture of the Pagoda. It is so amzing watching there way of religious life Greetings Wilhelm
  • Pascal Viyer 03/24/2007 15:54

    Magical light !!
  • Vesela Maleeva 03/22/2007 4:07

    Amazing shot, lovely perspective!
  • Isabel2 Cruz 03/21/2007 22:41

    You have here beautiful photos, but that it's magnific:)
  • Rainer. Wagner 03/21/2007 18:08

    Too heavy to steal it !
    Super pic

  • Tony (Anthony) Rowell 03/21/2007 15:58

    Priceless John nice capture and interesting.
  • Corinne Dietiker 03/21/2007 13:20

    Very impressive building detail!

  • Colja P. 03/21/2007 13:16

    What a gorgeous site! A wonderful picture.
  • Stefan S. Mosley 03/21/2007 12:08

    A breathtaking image, all in your own, very beautiful style. My complimnts.
  • N. Claudia 03/21/2007 5:40

    wonderful and really remarkable ... your photo is uniquely beautiful. sunbathes marvelous as the gold in the shines. your documentation is also wonderful.
    frü unite a kind greeting you Claudia
  • Tom McAlexander 03/21/2007 0:54

    This picture is worth its weight in John Moore.
  • Claudia Lotz 03/21/2007 0:19

    this temple looks like 1001 Nights!
    Wonderful shot!
  • Antje Kalanidis 03/20/2007 23:40

    So you're in Asia now. I really envy you :-).
    Very impressive those temples!

  • Frechdax . 03/20/2007 22:16

    so much

    Have a good time, John!
  • Home of the Norfolks 03/20/2007 20:56

    Nice shot!
    Can you get some gold for me, please?
    I am happy about 500 grams....
    Greets Anke
  • Rüdiger Kautz 03/20/2007 20:46

    Hello John, cordial greetings to Thailand. I am in a few days also there. Ruediger
  • John Bennett 03/20/2007 20:40

    Lovely shot once again, I feel very rich.
  • Claire Laira 03/20/2007 20:28

    60 tons is impressive, indeed...well captured!
    Best to you, John!
  • Aniko Mocher 03/20/2007 20:19

    Very impressive building detail!All these gold looks really unbelievable.
  • Tanjung-Pinang 03/20/2007 20:16

    My Goodness, John, that is my favourite pagoda.
    We was there in 1969. After coming from Bangladesh.
    Overnightstay in Rangoon 24 hours. The to Bangkok.
    Do you have to wear slipprs in the upper area, around the big pagoda ?? There was a long stair to get to the golden pagoda and a lot of other little pagodas. I love this place.
    We stood in the "Strand-Hotel". I know it is still there.
    Good bless you
  • Martin Tschupp 03/20/2007 19:50

    Give me gold, Sir?

    Excellent picture.
    see ya Martin
  • Kerstin Rösler 03/20/2007 19:29

    Golden impressions so wonderful it is....
    enjoy your further travel and send greeetings to pongsri
    lg kerst
    bless you both
  • Cees Kuijs 03/20/2007 19:02

    Very, very impressive. So is the building as the story.
    But I`ve discovered an interesting detail, anywhere where something valuable is, you`re around !! Coincidence ??? :-)))))))))))))))
    Have a good trip, John. Keep them coming !!
    Greetings, Cees
  • Peter Mertz 03/20/2007 18:51

    unbelievable story and a gigantic temple - well done mate
  • Rainer Rauer 03/20/2007 18:50

    Couldn't you get just a little bit of it - when nobody was there?