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I am old , but I am happy by Wim Denijs

I am old , but I am happy 


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13.05.2007 at 19:39h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
Da Lat Vietnam , I was crossing the market , and this old lady came to me , and she asked " how are you stranger ? " The only thing I could say was
Eme dep lam , you are beautifull . She was laughing and I took the pic


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Sus Bogaerts, 13.05.2007 at 21:49h

You pushed the shutter just @ the right moment Wim.
Great portrait!
Grtz, Sus

Leo_nid, 13.05.2007 at 22:09h

Well taken!

Zahangir Kabir, 14.05.2007 at 4:56h


Jaime Crystal Attenborough , 14.05.2007 at 10:46h

what a fantastic lady look at that face you have captured her perfectly.

Rieva Azrul A, 14.05.2007 at 13:45h

welldone wim!

Bin Im Laden, 27.05.2007 at 16:00h

Wim, a great portrait of this Vietnamese lady.

Best regards,

Voting Center, 31.05.2007 at 16:47h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 64 pro- and 36 contra-votes. Congratulations, Wim Denijs :-)

Sus Bogaerts, 31.05.2007 at 16:47h

The photographer did a very good job by capturing the vividly expression of this old woman.
Happy voting ;o))

Valfoto, 31.05.2007 at 16:47h


Maguire , 31.05.2007 at 16:47h


Massimo Carolla, 31.05.2007 at 16:47h

;-) Pro

Dominique Duriot, 31.05.2007 at 16:47h

Nice pro

Claire Laira, 31.05.2007 at 16:47h


Catia Malagoli, 31.05.2007 at 16:47h


Abdul Khaliq, 31.05.2007 at 16:47h


Leo_nid, 31.05.2007 at 16:47h


Nina Papiorek, 31.05.2007 at 16:47h


Alexandra Baltog, 31.05.2007 at 16:47h

Amazing portrait and a really great story !

Mircea Tiron-Tudor, 31.05.2007 at 16:47h

Pro !

Robert Riley, 31.05.2007 at 16:47h

Pro, without doubt!

Geoff Ashton , 31.05.2007 at 16:47h


Kai Sehlke, 31.05.2007 at 16:47h


Dave Donaldson, 31.05.2007 at 16:47h

just a happy old bird don't see the gallery ?

Nicole Zuber, 31.05.2007 at 16:47h


Véronique Soulier, 31.05.2007 at 16:47h


Steffen Schanz, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h


Onkel Achim, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h


Michael Henderson, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h


Josep A. Collado, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h


Ruud van der Lubben, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h


ivano cheli (2) , 31.05.2007 at 16:48h


Vera Böhm, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h

A PRO for the wunderful laughing!

Cees Kuijs, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h

No doubt > Pro

Sarah D. Kiefer , 31.05.2007 at 16:48h

finally getting some time to comment... it was a hit and run po and i don't really like that practice bc this is a good place to get an honest critque, so i wish there was something i cld stringently critique, but it's just an amazing image shot with top-shelf instinct with a beautiful story. pro!!

Dianna , 31.05.2007 at 16:48h

Definitely PRO
Love the photo, the mood, the emotion....
Love the 'story'!

Patrick Parenteau, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h

Joyous, toothless perfection.

Rolf Wengenroth, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h


Jaime Crystal Attenborough , 31.05.2007 at 16:48h

your portraits are stunning in every way win my friend
a big fat smiley Pro

Trude S., 31.05.2007 at 16:48h

PRO :-)

Carlo Pollaci, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h


DRAGA PUC, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h


Rieva Azrul A, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h


BRYAN CRUTE, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h


Tom McAlexander , 31.05.2007 at 16:48h

Makes me smile. pro

Jacqueline Chay, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h

Beautifully captured too - PRO

Luc Grollie, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h

pro !!!

Renato T., 31.05.2007 at 16:48h


Radim Spitzer, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h


Mikael Hörnlund, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h

I'm agree with Dave Donaldson...

Robyn Raggio, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h

Fabulous anticipation of just the right moment...well done, natural in color and tone and a lovely comp! A joyful story! PRO

Mike Player, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h


Heiko Herrmann (HHE), 31.05.2007 at 16:48h

first view: pro - second, third,... view con
its nice. but thats it. nice. not more. sorry. con

Jm. Disko., 31.05.2007 at 16:48h


Zahangir Kabir, 31.05.2007 at 16:48h



Alexandra Baltog, 31.05.2007 at 19:04h

she is old & happy.. and I am happy for you ! Congratulations!

aw masry , 2.06.2007 at 16:23h

well done. She is funky old woman too :)

Joseph Eastman, 4.06.2007 at 6:33h

Georgeous...nice lightnning for a beautiful portrait and model.

Jaime Crystal Attenborough , 5.06.2007 at 8:13h

what a great shot to end up in gallery !
well done Wim

Antonia L, 5.06.2007 at 12:02h

Best regards, Antonia

Beatrix Neuhaus, 6.06.2007 at 13:08h

I just saw this one - that is beaming happiness :)))

Sus Bogaerts, 7.06.2007 at 23:56h

Congrats Wim!!!

Fiky Hatta , 9.06.2007 at 1:03h

what a expression!!

Margherita Vitagliano, 2.07.2007 at 15:12h


Gabriela Sauciuc, 7.07.2007 at 19:57h


Marta Azevedo, 23.07.2007 at 3:40h


Najeeb Musallam , 26.09.2007 at 22:29h


Jowek , 21.11.2007 at 12:38h

Amazing shot!!!

Elfriede de Leeuw, 26.10.2009 at 13:19h


Angies Fotowelt, 6.12.2011 at 11:34h

Very Great!!!+++++!

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