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~ Maheno Shipwreck ~ by Radim Spitzer

~ Maheno Shipwreck ~ 


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29.06.2008 at 13:58h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
This shot was taken during my recent trip to Fraser Island. Your critiques and comments are more than welcomed. ;-)
Greetings, R.

Some info about the ship:
The S.S. Maheno was an Edwardian liner on the Tasman Sea crossing between New Zealand and Australia, and was used as a hospital ship by the New Zealand division of the Royal Navy during World War I. A landmark on 75 Mile Beach in Fraser Island is the shipwreck of the S.S. Maheno. The S.S. Maheno was originally built in 1905 in Scotland as a luxury passenger ship for trans-Tasman crossings. During the First World War the ship served as a hospital ship in the English Channel, before returning to a luxury liner. In 1935, the ship was declared outdated and on June 25th, 1935 the ship was being towed from Melbourne to Japan for scrap metal when it was caught in a strong cyclone. A few days later, on July 9th 1935 she drifted ashore and was beached on Fraser Island. During the Second World War the Maheno served as target bombing practice for the RAAF. The ship has since become severely rusted. Climbing on the shipwreck is not permitted.

I have decided to convert this into BW, just to enhance the overall atmosphere a bit. ;-)

EOS40D, EF 17-40@24mm L, CPL Hoya, Lee 0.6grad, Av/11, Tv: 1/10, ISO 100


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Marius Vodrup , 29.06.2008 at 15:15h

Amazing!! Just perfect!!!

i like the angel and the good background.. The wreck makes the hole picture come yogether!! Very good!!


I. Schwarz, 29.06.2008 at 15:22h

wow, strong b/w picture, great perspective...well done.

Selina Schultze, 29.06.2008 at 16:48h

great picture u took. really like the sharpness of the ship in contrast to the smooth water and the clouds!!! greetings selina

Cees Kuijs, 29.06.2008 at 18:01h

Excellent POV/angle. Great toning and details.
Greetings, Cees

Stephen Moss , 29.06.2008 at 18:17h

Superb light on the boats textures and complimented by the great sky.

D~M~K , 29.06.2008 at 19:47h

tones & textures are wonderful

Ilhan Gunay , 29.06.2008 at 19:55h

technically very successful! slow shutterspeed softens the waves in front and increases the effect of the ship. B/W preference is also absolutely right. thank you for detailed information.

Asha Karami, 29.06.2008 at 20:44h

Great picture, nice to share the history of the wreck.

Robert Chapman-Firth , 29.06.2008 at 21:28h

what a great pic love the detail and the motion in the water, very powerful image .I really like it..


Lawson McCulloch, 29.06.2008 at 22:30h

A really great shot.
best wishes from Lawson

Simona Carli, 30.06.2008 at 14:00h

very beautiful work!!!!+++++++

Peter Kr., 6.07.2008 at 6:40h

excellent work and heavenly contrasts!
best wishes, Peter

zoodiac (Branislav Bielik) , 9.07.2008 at 15:54h

simply great!

Jen' , 24.08.2008 at 11:15h


Voting Center, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 123 pro- and 52 contra-votes. Congratulations, Radim Spitzer :-)

Lawson McCulloch, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h

I think this is a very fine shot which deserves to be in the gallery. Happy voting.

Stefano Todde, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Ralph Bache, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Takis.K , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Inez Correia Marques , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


BRYAN CRUTE, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


archiek , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Frank Cecconi, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h

Great pic + story!

Terje Nicolaysen , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h

Pro. Ilike it very much!

Holger Findling , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Alfred Spectrum, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Christiane Wüllner, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Claire Laira, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Robert Riley, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h

Terrific Pro.

Claude Coeudevez, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Canan Oner , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Kedi , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Ken Piros, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Mircea Tiron-Tudor, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Eric van Crombrugge, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Véronique Soulier , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Carlo Capobianchi , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Bernd Schmidt2, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Bergfee , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Alexandru Iedu , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Denis Heirendt , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Leo_nid, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Maria Mylona, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Vera Böhm, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Ilidio Fernandes , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Comy , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Pascal Viyer, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Anca Silvia B., 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Ciorstain , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h

very good!

Giorgos Fidanas, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Koola, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h

+++ PRO +++

Jacqueline Chay, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Jürgen Cron, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Laszlo (L.C.S.) , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h

Great Shot !!!!
+++ PRO +++

Arnd U. B., 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Rami Harcsztark , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Luis Afonso Goncalves , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


steffen s... , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


regineheuser, 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Andrea Se. , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h

For me the wreck is a bit too dominant. Would have put it more to the left and to show more of the beach. Not much.

Katharina la . . . , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Peter Kr., 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


DSK , 1.09.2008 at 1:16h


Gert van der Flier , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


M.W. Schiller, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Stefan Seith von Benrath, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


lg stefan

Albert Wirtz, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Vladan Doslic , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


DRAGA PUC, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


rofa, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h

agree with Andrea

Radim Spitzer, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h

Rolf, Andrea: ....and don't you guys think that having the shipwreck as dominant as possible could have been intentional! ;-) Cheers, R.

Luc Grollie, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h

strong pic, would love to see different POV's though...
still great pro !!!

Trixi Schneider, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Micha Boland, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Andrea Se. , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h

@Radim: I'm sure the composition is like you intended it to be, but it's only my opinion and I would have planed the photo different for me. That doesn't mean everybody has to do it the same way. Photography is often only a matter of liking. Didn't want to offend you

lemmi65 , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Onkel Achim, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Der Voyager, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h

************************* P R O *************************

JVision , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Chris S.. , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Gazp . , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Black Pearl Design, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h

+ + + P R O + + +

Galeria , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


C. Dietl, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h

pro !

JoachimHeinz , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Hans-Gerd , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Alexandra Baltog, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Radim Spitzer, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h

Andrea Se: ...don't get me wrong here, I respect your oppinion highly! I was just trying to explain myself bit closer..
Greetings, R.

Luisa Marussig , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Andrej Nagode, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Zsolt Kiss, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h

PRO! :o)

Barbara Orienti, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Bernd Ernst, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


igna78-photography, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


michel 54 , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Roberto Bon, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


aw masry , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h

Great B/W


jAnE..., 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Andrea Rademacher, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Geoff Ashton , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h

like the middely effect in this
good b/w
bw geoff

Darinka Mladenovic, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Günter Nau , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Dominique Duriot, 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Christiane B , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Red Carpet , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Saska S. , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


B-A-U-M-I , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Sandra U. Ralf J., 1.09.2008 at 1:17h


Alessandro Russo , 1.09.2008 at 1:17h



Balazs Prattinger, 2.09.2008 at 16:05h


Juan Alberto Calvillo, 2.09.2008 at 16:10h

¡WOW! Great photo.

Juan Alberto

Silvia Badarinza, 2.09.2008 at 16:18h

Excellent interpretation of black and white. Great work!

wanda lechene , 3.09.2008 at 4:42h

all i got to say is wow!!!!

Füsun Özler, 5.09.2008 at 20:22h


Radim Spitzer, 6.09.2008 at 3:29h

Big thank you to everyone!!!!
Your votes are well appreciated.
Cheers, R.

Tamara Trejo, 13.09.2008 at 19:39h


A N D R E A S Beier, 4.12.2008 at 5:37h

top ***

TFR, 6.01.2009 at 21:58h

Really excellent monochrome.

Rgrds, Robert

Ralf Zeeh, 10.01.2009 at 18:16h

Excellent photo!... bravo!
LG Ralf

C.Click, 12.02.2009 at 6:03h

Un autre abandonné ;)
belle prise

Kreher Daniel, 11.10.2011 at 16:18h

greetings daniel

Massimo Carolla, 31.12.2013 at 0:11h

Great shoot, ciao, Massimo

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