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Late night pleasure (2) by El Porte-Bonheur

Late night pleasure (2) 


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4.05.2011 at 10:13h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
Thank you to all of you for commenting and voting this one for gallery. I greatly appreciate your support.

Thank you Silvana W for proposing!


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Alessandro Russo, 4.05.2011 at 10:13h


Fons van Swaal, 4.05.2011 at 10:19h

Wonderful shots again....
Typical your style of work and well recognizable ....;-))

Heinz Trompetter, 4.05.2011 at 11:12h

Intensive ... again !

Ken Piros, 4.05.2011 at 12:29h

Street photography at it's finest. Lighting a cigarette is almost a criminal act in today's society.

Leo_nid, 4.05.2011 at 12:44h

about to hammer another coffin nail
excellent shot

Michael Grotkamp, 4.05.2011 at 14:35h

criminal act? no, thats the immortal Fruttero.
14 minutes before finishing >enigma in luogo di mare<
eccezionale ! complimenti

MICHAEL stüben, 4.05.2011 at 14:52h

His only friend at the moment......... Lg Michael

El Porte-Bonheur, 4.05.2011 at 14:53h

Thank you Alessandro, Fons, Heinz, Ken, Leonid,Michael for stopping by. Good to know that you guys are still around. I enjoyed reading your fantastic comments :)

JValentina, 4.05.2011 at 15:43h

Maravillosa y excelente imagen!!!

Dragomir Vukovic, 4.05.2011 at 17:39h

great 1

André Reinders, 4.05.2011 at 20:49h

Very fine shot and a good editing!!!

Best regards


El Porte-Bonheur, 4.05.2011 at 21:46h

Gracias, thank you, danke J Valentina,Dragomir and André - nice to see you visit again. I greatly appreciate your support. Thank you very much indeed.

Nacho Zurutuza, 4.05.2011 at 22:03h

Estilo clásico, bien elegido el personaje. Un buen blanco y negro.

Kaith Kakavouli, 5.05.2011 at 5:50h

wonderful photo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Konstantinos Papazoglou, 5.05.2011 at 11:18h

Master class!!!

Angelo Berlendis, 5.05.2011 at 12:50h

PREFERITA! scatto magistrale...

Ramon Gamell, 5.05.2011 at 15:08h

Una luz bellísima !!!

mike snead, 8.05.2011 at 12:10h

really brilliant,el-porte.



Vera M. Shulga, 9.05.2011 at 9:01h

Klasse Foto!

Enzo Leprai, 10.05.2011 at 13:51h

Bella foto, come sempre... E non sparire di nuovo...

Monica, 18.05.2011 at 23:48h

Excellent picture. Great work!

groc, 19.05.2011 at 18:37h

Dear El, you are really keen in nocturne b/w's!
It's a pleasure to see your works again - it's like an unexpected gift.
Un abrazo.

Fabrizio Delfini, 19.05.2011 at 22:43h

Grande scatto, complimenti !!!
un saluto

Kaleriya V. Abutalibova, 20.05.2011 at 10:12h

great work... !!!



fabrizio caron, 21.05.2011 at 0:00h


José Ramón Miguel, 25.05.2011 at 15:42h

Qué buen trabajo con la luz y una imagen que pudiera ser del ayer.
Un abrazo. Ramón

Jim McKinniss, 31.05.2011 at 14:04h

Excellent capture El. I like the technical aspects of the photo but mostly llike the capture of the moment.


cristiano tortone, 3.06.2011 at 15:16h

stupendo scatto...

Giustino Rotondi, 9.06.2011 at 14:51h

Un ottima istantanea realizzata con stupendo b/w, complimenti!!!

wanaka, 10.06.2011 at 15:09h

you have a strong sense of the good shot
i like very much this picture

Gerd Sprengart, 11.06.2011 at 5:18h

It may have been already a litlle late - but you have been wide-awake and really alert.

Luigi Boeris, 11.06.2011 at 23:29h


Aumi, 25.06.2011 at 21:29h

Great Scene +++
Like it


alessandro tagliaferri, 26.06.2011 at 15:52h

Immagine molto bella, significativa: intensa l'espressione colta. ottimo b.n. complimenti

maurizio bartolozzi, 1.07.2011 at 23:01h

Una street molto ricercata;trovo lo sfondo un pò dispersivo,ma mi colpisce positivamente come tu sia entrata nel mondo del soggetto e come hai fermato la sua gestualità ed espressione.

jeanjean911, 18.07.2011 at 10:21h

bella ... un bel colpo di solitudine ogni giorno con questo personaggio atipico

Silvana W., 30.07.2011 at 21:29h

Great & Great work ***** ¡.Congratulations

ferran petit, 11.08.2011 at 11:51h

excellent, pleinement cinématographique, un blanc/ noir de luxe

Ludwig Beck, 17.08.2011 at 9:00h

A very aristocratic look,maybe he is an actor
LG Ludwig

Voting Center, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h

This photo has been successfully nominated for the gallery with 90 pro- and 35 contra-votes. Congratulations, El Porte-Bonheur :-)

Silvana W., 22.08.2011 at 6:43h

PRO***....Good voting

lolita cecilia, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


willy ombret, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


Luigi Scorsino, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


aline64, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


Sylvia Schulz, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


Ruth Hutsteiner, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


Peter Kahle, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


Ludwig F. Ellner, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


Die Mohnblumen, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


Lawson McCulloch, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


Peter Mertz, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


Frank Kaminsky, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


Alessandro Russo, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


Franz Sklenak, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


Jörg Klüber, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


Deryck, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


Fritz Eichmann, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


MAURICE CLEGG, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


Onkel Achim, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


Susana Miguel, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h

Two photographers, Inez Correia and El Porte-Bonheur strike me for their ability of catching people in magnificient portraits, often using b&w versions, always revealing something special, particular of the portrayed person...
And here is one of El's portraits, a night portrait, an elegant pose, a dignified stance, a glimpse on someone's pleasures, nowadays frowned upon...
Great shot, a PRO!
Best regards,

Ken Piros, 22.08.2011 at 6:43h


Claudio Micheli, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


mike snead, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Jürgen Cron, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Gasser Lisbeth, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Ewald Edelin, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Jutta S, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Sabine Suess, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Ruth U., 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Adele Oliver, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Claire Laira, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


laura fogazza, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Thomas Strauss, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Carlo Pollaci, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Bernd Ullrich, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


D Wen, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


fionnghall, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Anca Silvia B., 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


John Mc D, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Elfriede de Leeuw, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Wolfram Pesla, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Jacky Kobelt, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Inez Correia Marques, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Anna Linn, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Alexandru Valentin Iedu, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Angelika El., 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Leo_nid, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h

p r o

Birgit Presser, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Enzo Leprai, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


MICHAEL stüben, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Gérald SCHMITT, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


SILVA WISCHEROPP, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h

Very nice portrait, lovely in Black&White. Bravo!

Guglielmo Rispoli, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


r o l f WENGENroth, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


guvo4, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Falko Sieker, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h


Thomas Leib, 22.08.2011 at 6:44h



Silvana W., 22.08.2011 at 21:53h

Congratulations by this star ,El ¡¡¡ , *** Your work has pleased much ¡¡¡
Best wishes :)))

Fons van Swaal, 23.08.2011 at 13:44h

Congratulations , just seen it on the STARTPAGE ....;-))
Best regards,

Dario Michelotto, 18.06.2012 at 17:56h

Favolosa .

Alberto Laurenzi, 1.07.2012 at 19:41h


maria teresa mosna, 17.08.2012 at 14:46h

Complimenti per questa e tutte le tue belle foto, a presto Mt

Roberto Gramola, 12.03.2013 at 10:01h

In assoluto tra le foto più affascinanti viste qui su FC.

Daniel Rodriguez Fuentes, 17.10.2013 at 14:41h

Simplemente geniaaaaaaaaal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Un abrazo.

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