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Missing You... by Canan Oner

Missing You...


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9.08.2010 at 11:33h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
Just wanted to say "Hi".....Missing you all.....:-)
Much love & hugs


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Daniela Cognigni, 9.08.2010 at 11:35h

Che meraviglia ,una delicatezza infinita e ogni tua elaborazione rende tutto più incantevole.
Ciao Canan,ben ritrovata.

Alessandro Russo, 9.08.2010 at 11:37h

well don
kind regards
ciao Alessandro

Dolores M., 9.08.2010 at 11:40h

Well come back dear Canan ! I missed you too and your wonderful compositions.
Wish you a good new start Canan
Best wishes

JVision, 9.08.2010 at 11:43h

Wonderful work dear Canan. It's great to see you back.

BÄRbelleS, 9.08.2010 at 11:56h

Missing you too!
Wonderful pic, best wishes
and a warm wellcome back.

André Kuschel, 9.08.2010 at 12:09h

a very good photo !

Jojo., 9.08.2010 at 12:11h

Merveilleuse image romantique!
Bravo l'artiste!

ullifotografie, 9.08.2010 at 12:13h

Hello Canan,
it is so good to see and hear something of you!!! You were missed a lot!
A great work!
And a lot of best wishes to you!


Hans-Reiner Bohn, 9.08.2010 at 12:24h

hugs, reiner

Andreas Zschorsch, 9.08.2010 at 12:26h

Sehr schöne Arbeit.
LG Andi

Silvia Simonato., 9.08.2010 at 12:46h

Bellísima imagen, una delicadeza!!
Saludos Silvia

Schnuckenhexe, 9.08.2010 at 12:54h

Wish a good new start.Beautiful.
Greetings Katrin

Anca Silvia B., 9.08.2010 at 13:29h

what-did-you-say? by Anca Silvia B.
what-did-you-say?not being discussed
6.8.10, 18:00

I miss you too...:))))
Hugs and kisses,anca

s. sabine krause, 9.08.2010 at 15:12h

you are greatly missed, too, canan! life and death, hope and despair, all in one emotional flower portrait – that's what this is to me: a fossilized rose with a vividly alive fragrant and rosy center! hugs, sabine.

Antonio Morri, 9.08.2010 at 16:11h

Un lavoro superlativo!
Una immagine bella e raffinata!

Graciela Baglione, 9.08.2010 at 16:38h

Hi, Canan! We miss you too!
Thanks for coming back a moment and give us such beauty.

Yvo Pollinger, 9.08.2010 at 18:38h

Welch eine romantisch schöne Aufnahme.
Grüess Yvo

Christian Rocher, 9.08.2010 at 18:43h

Magnifique une merveille

JOKIST, 9.08.2010 at 19:32h

A very sophisticated photo !

LG Ingrid und Hans

Pierrot le petit Belge, 9.08.2010 at 21:06h

Wonderful Work !!!
Bisou, Pierrot.

Micha pirelli79 Beckers, 9.08.2010 at 22:58h

welcome back i still missed you.great comeback picture.

bw micha

José Ramón Miguel, 9.08.2010 at 23:10h

Una flor espectacular, preciso el color, la luz y la presentación Canan.
Un abrazo. Ramón

JURAFR, 10.08.2010 at 8:02h

D' une infinie douceur , et de trés belles couleurs , bravo

Sally Dunn, 10.08.2010 at 8:52h

Hello there Canan!! This is a lovely surprise to see one of your fabulous and delicate rose creations up on my computer! It is really beautiful.

Hannes Gensfleisch, 10.08.2010 at 23:45h

Wir wünschen Dir,
dass Du bald wieder
mehr sagen kannst!
Get well soon!
LG Hannes

Dobla, 11.08.2010 at 0:05h

Hola Canan, preciosa como siempre tus trabajos me motivan.
Un abrazo.

Annick, 12.08.2010 at 7:57h

Elle est magnifique cette rose, j'aime beaucoup sa couleur et le travail que tu as réalisé, compliments Canan !

Lola Diaz Somodevilla, 13.08.2010 at 12:01h

Maravillosa ""ROSA"" el tratamiento te ha quedado ,con un gusto y una delicadeza, asombrosa.Felicidades.
saludos Lola!!.

aline64, 14.08.2010 at 12:05h

Ravie de te retrouver, avec une superbe rose !!! bravo Canan

Ilidio Fernandes, 15.08.2010 at 23:22h

I miss you too my friend.
PS Please comeback.

Heidi Bollich, 16.08.2010 at 12:26h

I missed you too.
I`m very happy - you`re back again.
Hugs Heidi

de ceulaer, 16.08.2010 at 16:50h

so delicate ! really a splendor !
which program do you use ?
thanks in advance for answer

deep-x, 16.08.2010 at 23:33h

Excellent work!!

Maurice Mercier, 17.08.2010 at 9:39h

Hallo Canan !
It`s fine - to have you back again.
I missed you too.
A fantastic picture and artistic work.
Greetings - Maurice

Segura Carmona, 17.08.2010 at 16:20h

Suavidad de luz, color y Belleza, un abrazo Canan.

Adele Oliver, 18.08.2010 at 4:19h

Missed you too - so good to see you back, and with such a gorgeous image!!
hugs, Adele

mike snead, 19.08.2010 at 11:28h

great that you are back and such a wonderful offering.


Cigdem A. BEKLER, 30.08.2010 at 18:45h

Congratulations, Canan.
Technical and artistic merits are all 10.00

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