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Beauty Lasts Forever......III - Adios.. by Canan Oner

Beauty Lasts Forever......III - Adios..


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19.07.2009 at 23:33h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
My Dear Friends in FC,
I feel a little tired and need to focus on my writings which I have neglected for a long time..Want to take a short break :-))…
In the meantime I will try to participate as much as I can.
I wish you all a happy week and days filled with joy and love…Smile and never close your heart to how you feel….
Hope to be with you soon….Will miss you for sure…..
And I also want to thank you for all the nice words you put under my pictures, for the support you gave me all this time and for your friendship..
Much love & hugs to you all..

Beauty Lasts Forever...... by Canan Oner
Beauty Lasts Forever......
18.7.09, 17:44


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Angelika El., 19.07.2009 at 23:37h

Dear Canan,
Take the time, you need to do that makes you happy ...
Stay healthy - I look forward to your wonderful, romantic images - I'll be missing your works the meantime ...

Feel hugs ...

Jean-Bernard, 19.07.2009 at 23:55h

Thank you, Canan !
have a good time ...
See you soon :-)

best wishes

Ilidio Fernandes, 20.07.2009 at 0:12h

Thank you my friend and take you time.
Much love and hugs

Leo_nid, 20.07.2009 at 1:10h

Enjoy your retreat
Best wishes

Holger Findling, 20.07.2009 at 2:13h

Beautiful capture and post editing.
Love the canvas background.


Waldi W., 20.07.2009 at 6:09h

yes, you are right
you always should do what you are feeling
so I wish you a good time
hope to see you soon back here
will miss you too
lg waldi

Anke Gaedicke, 20.07.2009 at 7:11h

have a good time and enjoy .........
kind regards

aline64, 20.07.2009 at 7:31h

super tableau !!!! de l'art !

Heidi Bollich, 20.07.2009 at 8:25h

A very beautiful and fine work!
Greetings Heidi

dolores coll, 20.07.2009 at 9:04h

see you soon. great work. suerte .

Niccolo Dossarca ( oder auch u.a. JürgenStrötgen oder js ode, 20.07.2009 at 10:27h

that is once more a very, very wonderful work. thanks.
and I'm sure, you will do, what is good for you I know: that is good for us too.
wish always only the best for you. ciao jürgen

D Wen, 20.07.2009 at 10:58h

Dear Canan,
a wonderful picture, the text makes me sad.
I will miss your presence very much.
You became a very nice virtual girlfriend.
For Your further work I request you everything good.
Patiently I will wait for Your next photographs.
I am to myself nevertheless secure that they will prepare me again great joy.
Everything goods for you and remain healthy.
Very dear greetings

Fons van Swaal, 20.07.2009 at 11:08h

If this is your new goal in life than have fun writing Mrs.
To bad you got tired.......
Is editing to intensive work........??
Always thought you enjoyed it so much...
The problem is doing or want to do more things at the same time , and time is running out.......
Than you make choices.........
Nice series of "Beauty Lasts Forever"......!!!
Now enjoy your writings....
Wish you a nice week.......

Kaith Kakavouli, 20.07.2009 at 11:47h

I wish you the best !!!!
have a good time whatever you do......
water is the best doctor...if you want to feel free....
sea water....

José Ramón Miguel, 20.07.2009 at 12:12h

Hermoso trabajo Canan. Hasta pronto. Un abrazo

Pozer Katalin, 20.07.2009 at 14:03h

Dear Canan, I am sure that all of us will miss you and your fine works. I hope you will be here soon, again.
HUgs, Kati

Franzi48, 20.07.2009 at 14:53h

Lg Franzi

Deryck, 20.07.2009 at 19:57h

My dear friend you are very special to me and a I know also the rest of us here at FC. Take a break, but please don't forget us. I will miss you and all your beautiful works of art.
Until we see each other again, take care

Monique LEROUDIER, 20.07.2009 at 19:58h

Une merveilleuse transparence ! ... Compliments et amitiés ... ML

Sally Dunn, 20.07.2009 at 20:22h

I wish you all the best for your writing and completely understand that you need a break to do it. Keep smiling, I will miss you. Keep taking the pictures though.
Love Sally

Perry Blevins, 20.07.2009 at 21:53h

Thank you Canan for all your kind words. Beautiful farewell picture.
Best Regards, Perry

Dr.Szirmai János, 21.07.2009 at 7:43h

Dear Canan! I wish you the best! I'll will waiting for you and your new beautiful pictures! Love János

de ceulaer, 21.07.2009 at 8:42h

wonderful !
br alain

Jojo., 21.07.2009 at 15:22h

Excellent cliché classe!

bombamo Michèle, 22.07.2009 at 8:23h

so soft & elegant
have a pleasant time !!!
we 'll see each other when you're back

Ludwig F. Ellner, 22.07.2009 at 16:42h

zart und schön.....

lg ludwig

redfox-dream-art-photography, 22.07.2009 at 17:48h


bw, redfox

Alfredo Yanez, 23.07.2009 at 22:10h

Magical and beautiful ... ... ¡wonderful!
Congratulations Canan!!!
Regards Alfredo

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