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FOR YOU by Fons van Swaal



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29.12.2009 at 12:19h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
My Friends..........

Wishing you all the best , good health and lots of luck in 2010...
Thanks for all the nice words (comments) and visits on to my images in 2009..
As always very much appreciated ....they kept me going on......;-))
Without you , what would I do.......?

Have a good and save trip in too the NEW YEAR.......


Audrey Two, 29.12.2009 at 12:50h

thank you fons!!
also for you the best wishes for 2010!
glg! audrey

brithiebird, 29.12.2009 at 12:52h

Thank you so much, dear Fons. Wishing the same to you and your family.
Very nice editing!!!
Kisses. Brigitte

Birgit Presser, 29.12.2009 at 12:56h

Great work!!!!
Have a wonderful NEW YEAR, too!!!

Analoga, 29.12.2009 at 12:57h

Lieben Dank Fons,
Ich wünsche Dir auch alles erdenklich Gute für das neue Jahr.
LG Ivonne

Alexandra Miemczyk, 29.12.2009 at 13:04h

Toll gemacht... das sieht klasse aus! :-)
Danke & Dito!


Daniela Cognigni, 29.12.2009 at 13:07h

Grazie ,una cartolina deliziosa e augurissimi anche a te.

Christa Regina, 29.12.2009 at 13:23h

Thank you Fons for your wishes. Wishing the same to you and your family. All the best. Christa

Mark Billiau., 29.12.2009 at 13:25h

Thank you Fons.
I too wish you a wonderful 2010 !


Segura Carmona, 29.12.2009 at 13:33h

Te deseo un Feliz Año 2010, Saludos Fons.

Angelika El., 29.12.2009 at 13:35h

Herzlichen Dank für diese gelungene Karte - auch für Dich und die Deinen alles erdenklich Gute!!!


Anca Silvia B., 29.12.2009 at 13:36h

Thank you my dear Fons.
Health and luck ,

Claudio Micheli, 29.12.2009 at 13:41h

Lucky and happy new year to you too!

Jojo., 29.12.2009 at 14:01h

...BONNE ANNEE...! by Jojo.
28.12.09, 13:32

Bergjäger, 29.12.2009 at 14:16h

Herzlichen Dank, Fons!!!
Wünsche dir für das neue Jahr nur das Allerbeste!!!!!!
LG Bergjäger

Mauro Stradotto, 29.12.2009 at 14:18h

Felice anno Nuovo caro amico,
un abbraccio,

Angela 1711, 29.12.2009 at 14:30h

Danke für Deine guten Wünsche!
ich wünsche Dir auch einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2010!
~ Alles Gute für 2010 ~ by Angela 1711
~ Alles Gute für 2010 ~not being discussed
28.12.09, 19:31

Liebe Grüße

Britta33, 29.12.2009 at 14:32h

I am also wishing you all the best for the year 2010!
bw, britta

Canan Oner, 29.12.2009 at 14:33h

Thank you sooooooo much Fons..
And......what would we do without you :-))
All the best wishes for the New Year my friend.....
Good bye to 2009.... by Canan Oner
Good bye to 2009....
28.12.09, 15:53

Susanne47, 29.12.2009 at 14:44h

Vielen Dank Fons für deine lieben Wünsche, auch dir und deinen Lieben wünsche ich nur das Allerbeste im neuen Jahr, viel Glück und beste Gesundheit. Grüessli Susanne

Dolores M., 29.12.2009 at 14:53h

Thank you Fons, that's right, what would we do without you ??
Wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR

Many hugs, Dolores

I..K., 29.12.2009 at 14:58h

Dir auch alles erdenklich Gute für 2010 lieber Fons, bleib vor allem gesund.
Herzliche Grüße, Ingrid

Ayse Nalan Yasin, 29.12.2009 at 15:10h

Thank you so much Fons.
Wish you Happy New Year
Festival Of The Colours by Ayse Nalan Yasin
Festival Of The Coloursnot being discussed
29.12.09, 15:01

lolita cecilia, 29.12.2009 at 15:18h

Felíz Año 2010, también para tí y tu familia......
Un abrazo Fons
LUZ PARA EL AÑO 2010 by lolita cecilia
27.12.09, 17:16

marion van rossum, 29.12.2009 at 15:26h

Dank je wel Fons,voor jou en je famillie natuurlijk ook alle goeds in 2010.
En dat het maar een geweldig mooi fotografisch jaar mag worden.
groetjes marion

Lily-Rose, 29.12.2009 at 15:32h

Thank you very much !
Excellente année 2010... for you too.
Amitiés. Stéphanie.

Marie-Anne PERRON, 29.12.2009 at 15:37h

Thank you infinitely Fons. I wish you a wonderful year. Which is beautiful, soft, joyful, loving, and filled(performed) with enjoyment. Goodbye. Kisses. Marie-Anne

Dennis Maloney, 29.12.2009 at 15:43h

Thanks Fons, and I wish the same for you and your family wishes, den

Odette LEFEBVRE, 29.12.2009 at 15:44h

merci a beaucoup a toi. reçois mes voeux les meilleurs pour 2010

fotopeter45, 29.12.2009 at 15:46h

unne gooie roetsch ......................!!!

gr.peter..........HAPPY NEW YEAR

Mariola B, 29.12.2009 at 15:53h

Thank you Fons.
I too wish you a wonderful 2010 !
lg m

Leo_nid, 29.12.2009 at 15:54h

All the best to you, dear friend!

Volker Klau, 29.12.2009 at 16:01h

Dir auch alles gute für das Jahr 2010, Fons.
VG und einen guten Rutsch, Volker

Joëlle Millet, 29.12.2009 at 16:03h

Heureuse de faire partie de tes amis et recevoir tes voeux chaleureux . Mille mercis . Bonne fin d'année . Amitiés . Joëlle

Martin Groothuis, 29.12.2009 at 16:04h

Vielen Dank für die schöne Karte ! Alles Gute für das neue Jahr 2010 wünscht Dir Martin

deep-x, 29.12.2009 at 16:06h

Thank you Fons :)
Happy new year :))

- Edith Vogel, 29.12.2009 at 16:15h

Dankeschön, für deine guten Wünsche,

Liebe Grüße Edith

daniele pennuto, 29.12.2009 at 16:20h

grazie Fons,con grande grande amicizia da Siracusa (Sicilia)

N. Krug, 29.12.2009 at 16:27h

Dank wel, Fons. Voor het jaar 2010 het allerbeste wenst en veel succes. LG, Norbert

Deryck, 29.12.2009 at 16:35h

Thank you Fons
May you also have a fantastic 2010

fotoallrounderin, 29.12.2009 at 16:59h

thank you - for 2010 for you also

lg rosalie

gabi 1971, 29.12.2009 at 17:02h

Eine wunderschöne Arbeit Fons!
Habe mich sehr gefreut!
lg Gabi!

Graham Piggot, 29.12.2009 at 17:05h

Excellent work and thank you. Best wishes to your goodself for 2010

samanthaa, 29.12.2009 at 17:05h

Thank you so much Dear Fons and I wish you an happy new year ...

adriana lissandrini, 29.12.2009 at 17:06h

Wonderful, Fons!
Thank you very much, also for you I wish a Happy New year!
greetings Adriana

cosmosgirl, 29.12.2009 at 17:29h

What would WE do without YOU, Fons ?!

Thank you and that all your wishes will come true.

Hugs. Claudia

Federico Cirillo, 29.12.2009 at 17:37h

¡ + + + + + + + + + +!
Saludos y buena luz!!

Feliz 2010!!!

Natalja Dralova, 29.12.2009 at 18:00h

Thank you so much dear Fons!!!
Happy New Year to you and your family too!
Best wishes, Natalja

Efisietta Serra, 29.12.2009 at 18:03h

Thank you so much Fons. For you a wonderful 2010!!!!

karolajna, 29.12.2009 at 18:12h

Very nice, thank you and wish you all the best in the New Year:)

iacob ion, 29.12.2009 at 18:33h

Thank you, Fons,for this beautiful card!
Happy New Year to you and your family!

Micaela Bless, 29.12.2009 at 18:33h

Thank you Fons. For you the best Wishes for 2010.
LG Micaela

Juan R. Garza, 29.12.2009 at 18:54h

gracias thank you Fons

helenapaule, 29.12.2009 at 19:08h

Thanks to you my dear friend. All the best for you and yours. and a new year, better than ever.

fondly yours. Helena

D. Ynoche, 29.12.2009 at 19:17h

your words under the nice presentation for the coming year (thanks!) reminded me of the known movie picture:
' It's a Wonderful Life '. showing how much a person (or the life of a person) influences the lifes and destiny of others....
we are all a cog in the big wheel of life....

I wish you:

best greetings

Inez Correia Marques, 29.12.2009 at 19:27h

regineheuser, 29.12.2009 at 19:29h

Hi Fons,

thank you for the greetings, I also wish you all the best and and lots of luck and good health in 2010!!!


Simona B., 29.12.2009 at 19:41h

Thank you!
Best wishes you too.

Sally Dunn, 29.12.2009 at 19:55h

Thank you Fons, and I send you my best wishes for a great year my friend. Lovely picture too, your bird looks very peaceful watching the fireworks from his birds eye view!!

Charly Roggow, 29.12.2009 at 19:56h

vielen Dank, auch dir alles Gute in 2010
LG Charly

Annick, 29.12.2009 at 20:08h

Merci beaucoup pour cette jolie carte et tes voeux.
Bonne et heureuse année 2010 !!

Gasser Lisbeth, 29.12.2009 at 20:11h

Merci beaucoup Fons, une très belle carte !
All the best wishes for the New Year 2010
Amitiés, Lisbeth

Rike-Tina, 29.12.2009 at 20:12h

vielen Dank - auch dir alles, alles gute +++
LG Rike

Felipe Riquelme, 29.12.2009 at 20:14h

Gracias amigo y muchas felicidades para ti y junto a tu familia.FELIZ ANO NUEVO 2010.Bellisima tu saludo postal.Saludos.

Lazaros Limos, 29.12.2009 at 21:04h

beautiful !!!!

Sabine Suess, 29.12.2009 at 21:20h

Thank you for the beautiful and nice greeting. I wish you much happiness, health and success for 2010 and continue to be pleased with the photography.

Nowak courbevoie, 29.12.2009 at 21:31h


D. Rio, 29.12.2009 at 22:03h

Merci,und Dir auch ein Happy New Year 2010 !! Gruß Rio

Eva Milder, 29.12.2009 at 22:19h

Hello Fons!
Wonderful ! Thank You & HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Ricko, 29.12.2009 at 22:23h

as always great work.
all the best
happy new year

Ralph Bache, 29.12.2009 at 22:34h

Oh, wonderful!!! Also all wishes. BW.

maria teresa mosna, 29.12.2009 at 22:39h

Complimenti per questa bellissima composizione augurale e tanti tanti cari auguri anche a te!
Maria Teresa

Adele Oliver, 29.12.2009 at 22:54h

Such a beautiful creation, Fons!! Thank you for your card and all your warm words. I return all your good wishes - may you stay healthy and happy ... and have good light for your lovely images!!
cheers, Adele
Photography ...... Forever by Adele Oliver
Photography ...... Forever
29.12.09, 3:57

Ayten Zade, 29.12.2009 at 23:05h

Dear Fons, thank you very much !!!
I wish You Happy New Year and more amazing pictures from you in 2010 :))

Best regards

Kaith Kakavouli, 29.12.2009 at 23:57h

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerryj, 30.12.2009 at 1:46h

Beautiful as always, Fons. A very Happy New Year to you as well! Thanks for all the pleasure you've provided with your beautiful photos over the past year!

Tad Kanazaki, 30.12.2009 at 1:57h

Happy New Year 2010,too.
Bw Tad.
HAPPY NEW YEAR by Tad Kanazaki
29.12.09, 8:07

Michael Grotkamp, 30.12.2009 at 7:24h

happy new year and all the best in 2010 you and your loved !
lg michael

Lebe den Augenblick, 30.12.2009 at 9:36h

Alles Liebe für 2010 !
GlG :-))) Ela

s. sabine krause, 30.12.2009 at 9:41h

happy new year, fons! and thank you for all your kind words and support, too! have a great trip into a peaceful, healthy and happy new year! sabine.

Gundi B., 30.12.2009 at 10:04h

Ein wirklich sehr schön gestaltetes Foto,
danke für die lieben Wünsche.
Ich wünsche Dir für das neue Jahr auch alles Gute, Gesundheit, Glück und Erfolg.
Gruß Gundi

Lady Edel, 30.12.2009 at 10:35h

Thank you and wish a Happy New Year to you!
Neujahrsgrüsse by Lady Edel
30.12.09, 10:32


Kathrin Reinemann, 30.12.2009 at 12:03h

Thank you fons, and also for you the best wishes
for 2010.
Greetings, Kathrin

Judith Lay-Golly, 30.12.2009 at 12:08h

Thanks. I wish you all the best in 2010 too.

Marion Voege, 30.12.2009 at 13:07h

Herzlichen Dank für deine netten Wünsche...auch dir wünsche ich eingesundes erfolgreiches Jahr 2010...:o)
LG Marion

H.CH.Yaseri, 30.12.2009 at 13:38h

So delicate and nice of you! Wish you all my silver wishes ever...Be happy , Safe and Secure...Merry Christmass and Happy new Year in advanced my Friend.

Heike Fuchs HF-Pictures, 30.12.2009 at 13:49h

I´ll also wish you a happy new year
good health and luck
best regards heike

uglybug, 30.12.2009 at 14:06h

same to you fons your the man...xxxx

Enrica Colagrande, 30.12.2009 at 14:33h

Thank you Fons...
have a fantastic 2010.
greeting Enrica

Larissa Kulik, 30.12.2009 at 16:07h

Thank you very much for your congratulations! I wish you a Happy New Year and wish you much luck and happiness!

Perry Blevins, 30.12.2009 at 16:48h

Thank you Fon for your friendship and this beautiful card. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.
Best wishes,

Norbert Kappenstein, 30.12.2009 at 19:00h

Thank you very much.
Happy New Year for you and your family.
Best regards Norbert

Bergfee, 30.12.2009 at 19:07h

Thank you my friend.
I wish you and your family a good crossing in 2010, health and luck.
Best regards Eva

Fritz Berger, 30.12.2009 at 21:28h

Hi Fons!
Many thanks for your good wishes,
I also wish you and your loved a happy and joyful new year.
sincerely, Fritz.
~~ GUTEN RUTSCH ~~ by Fritz Berger
30.12.09, 20:10

Donna Richens, 30.12.2009 at 21:37h

Beautiful poem and great work from you...have a great new year

Eva Winter, 31.12.2009 at 11:14h

Das ist ein ganz besonderer Gruß zum Jahreswechsel. Vielen Dank dafür und auch ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie

bleib wie du bist.

LG Eva

Klaudia J, 31.12.2009 at 12:21h

Thank you very much, dear Fons! Happy New Year 2010!

Yvette Jacob, 31.12.2009 at 13:04h

Thank you,
wishing you all the best for 2010!
LG Yve & Benga

Marit Hansson, 31.12.2009 at 13:05h

Thank you so much, Fons! I wish you all the best for 2010!
Greetings, Marit

nokk, 31.12.2009 at 13:08h

Happy New Year 2010! by nokk
Happy New Year 2010!
31.12.09, 12:50
Thank you so much, dear Fons. Wishing the same to you and your family.
Thank you very much for all your support and friendship! only to have great time, Fons!
Happy New Year,

Gisa S., 31.12.2009 at 14:48h

Happy new year,dear Fons!
I wish you all the best.......!

Regine Wistup, 31.12.2009 at 15:52h

Hallo Fons,
herzlichen Dank für Deine Wünsche und die tolle Arbeit. Ich bin begeistert. Auch für Dich alles Gute für das neue Jahr !
LG Regine

Véronique Soulier, 31.12.2009 at 15:55h

Merci, bonne année à toi aussi ! Happy new year !

amitiés VS

000111222, 31.12.2009 at 19:35h

Hi Fons,
thank you for these good wishes an for you and your family a happy new year and always the right light.
Have a great 2010.
Ich wünsche Euch by bb foto
Ich wünsche Euch
31.12.09, 18:24

Melania Marchi, 31.12.2009 at 23:09h

Thanks so much Fons, best wishes for a happy 2010 to you too!

Ina Kotterman, 1.01.2010 at 22:34h

Thanks for this beautifull card. For you the best wishes too.
Gr. Ko

Aliona Shevtsova, 3.01.2010 at 0:41h

Thank you for your congratulations! And you Happy New Year! Health and
masterpieces! ))

Alexandru Valentin Iedu, 3.01.2010 at 17:44h



Kadriye AYDIN, 3.01.2010 at 22:30h

Thank you so much dear Fons.
Wish you Happy New Year...Kadriye

Flighty Furrow, 4.01.2010 at 11:28h


Hartelijk bedankt, Fons! Iets gelijks & het beste voor 2010!

BRUNO AURISICCHIO, 4.01.2010 at 16:19h

Augurissimi per un felice 2010.Bruno

Halvorsen, 9.01.2010 at 13:25h

Thank you so much, Fons! I wish you a really happy new year too! :-)))

Or, maybe I shall say; godt nyttår! ;-)

Kind regards, Vanessa

Bernadette Boon, 10.01.2010 at 13:28h

hi fons,
thank you. For you also all the best wishes for 2010.
This piece of work you show here is beatifull.

Eva T, 13.01.2010 at 9:15h

Late happy new year to you to :-)

Claire Laira, 19.01.2010 at 21:44h

Dear Fons,
thank you for your greetings!
I hope it isn't too late to wish you a wonderful 2010, too!
Kind regards, Claire

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