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I'm here... by Dragos Ion

I'm here...


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6.04.2007 at 10:07h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.

I am a question to the world
Not an answer to be heard
Or a moment
That's held in your arms

And what do you think you'd ever say?
I won't listen anyway
You don't know me
And I'll never be what you want me to be

And what
Do you think you'd understand?
I'm a boy, no, I'm a man
You can't take me
And throw me away

And how can you learn what's never shown?
Yeah, you stand here on your own
They don't know me
'Cause I'm not here

And I want a moment to be real
Want to touch things I don't feel
Want to hold on and feel I belong
And how can the world want me to change?
They're the ones they stay the same
They don't know me
'Cause I'm not here

And you see the things they never see
All you wanted-I could be
Now you know me
And I'm not afraid

And I want to tell you who I am
Can you help me be a man?
They can't break me
As long as I know who I am

And I want a moment to be real
Want to touch things I don't feel
Want to hold on and feel I belong
And how can the world want me to change
They're the ones they stay the same
They can't see me
But I'm still here

They can't tell me who to be
'Cause I'm not what they see
Yeah, the world is still sleepin' while I keep on dreaming for me
And their words are just whispers and lies that I'll never believe

And I want a moment to be real
Want to touch things I don't feel
Want to hold on and feel I belong
And how can they say I'll never change?

I'm Still Here
by Goo Goo Dolls


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Daren Borzynski, 6.04.2007 at 10:11h

Great image!!.. well composed.
Love the colours!!


BRYAN CRUTE, 6.04.2007 at 12:00h

As Daren, well composed image with a strong colour in that red sheet.

Dik Mece, 6.04.2007 at 12:48h


Leo_nid, 6.04.2007 at 18:35h

Grear red

Ralph Bache, 7.04.2007 at 1:42h

Wonderful color, fantastic mood, regards, Ralph.

Dragomir Vukovic, 7.04.2007 at 1:52h

excellent ^^^

Adrian Leu, 7.04.2007 at 2:46h

Great composition and beautiful colors. Very interesting moment. Congratulations! A.

Cor van den Doel, 7.04.2007 at 10:03h

I'm here, the wind...
Great shot!
Regards, Cor

Donna Richens, 7.04.2007 at 10:27h

Wonderful shot!

DRAGA PUC, 8.04.2007 at 9:28h

my compliments!!!! nice pic

Robyn Raggio, 8.04.2007 at 18:17h

The kinetic quality of the wind driven fabric takes this up and over into the realm of Wow. The red accentuates that movement all the more--a nice counterpoint to the aged boat and natural tones of the rest of the image. Very nicely conceived, executed and presented. Beautiful and compelling!

Roxana Laemmlin , 15.04.2007 at 14:17h

great image! excellent.



Vesela Maleeva, 17.04.2007 at 2:09h

Simply beautiful.

Pawel Majewski, 17.04.2007 at 8:18h

Great photo and idea. Stunning mood.

Aniko Mocher, 24.04.2007 at 10:43h

Beautiful image full of emotions!Love it!

Massimo Carolla, 24.04.2007 at 12:09h

great image and composition, ciao Massimo

Paraschiv Vasile, 30.04.2007 at 19:59h

Very good ! Superb catch.

Steffen Schanz, 3.05.2007 at 19:25h

great shot - like it

Dragos , 4.05.2007 at 19:07h

Buna compozitie si echilibrul de culoare lai gasit foarte bine

Gladiola , 7.05.2007 at 20:29h

beautiful, stormy and warm. I wish I was there....

Sarah D. Kiefer , 10.05.2007 at 2:55h

excellent comp, beautiful tones... love it!

Andrew Le Busque , 17.05.2007 at 12:33h

WOW dragos amazing one of my favourites from the fc! amazing shot love it!


Véronique Soulier, 17.05.2007 at 12:34h

wonderful text.. great pic too with the scarf, excellent idea.. bye VS

Onkel Achim, 22.05.2007 at 20:21h


Ragnhild , 26.05.2007 at 14:07h

good picture:)

Martina Ziesack , 28.05.2007 at 21:25h

amazing photo! Caught my eye instantly...

Maguire , 29.05.2007 at 22:54h

This is a very, very fine photograph, very eyecatching with that big flash of red. Good title too. The piece of inspiration with the scarf has given me something to really think about for a new project. If it happens I'll come back to you.


mariam , 1.06.2007 at 22:05h

Amazing i luv everythin bout it !!

Mircea Tiron-Tudor, 2.06.2007 at 8:07h

Very good photo ! Great composition !
Felicitari !

Comy Kandilo, 9.06.2007 at 6:49h

great composition...

Iulia Grigore , 9.06.2007 at 11:37h

foarte frumoasa fotografia.culori excelente si un mesaj care te incanta!

Francesco Margarita, 12.06.2007 at 13:58h


Jenny Theobald, 12.06.2007 at 14:52h

oh yeah, this is amazing!

Ayman Lotfy , 17.06.2007 at 15:30h

When you take a look to this shot you never feel the time you Have a gret composition and the depth in this shot take you so far a way really very Artistic eay well done

marian enache , 23.06.2007 at 9:16h

frumoasa fotografie si povestea pe care o spune ....congrats!n my fave!

Virgil Mlesnita, 1.07.2007 at 17:41h

Like this one a lot! all the best, Virgil

Jacqueline Chay, 5.07.2007 at 12:17h

Beautiful, love the boldness of the red scarf

monika. , 12.07.2007 at 23:49h


ognian alexiev, 4.08.2007 at 7:13h

there is much charm in the picture. like reminiscence.

Inez Soares, 22.08.2007 at 21:36h

favorite.. absolutly beautiful

ende einer reise, 27.08.2007 at 18:26h

i love it!

M. Serge Robitaille , 7.09.2007 at 5:13h

Great tones and composition... powerfull picture

Balazs Prattinger, 27.09.2007 at 15:50h

Great photo!

Terje Nicolaysen , 27.09.2007 at 22:11h

Wonderful picture !!

RandyO. , 1.10.2007 at 6:45h


Dragos Dumitrescu , 24.10.2007 at 9:47h

wow, perfect quadrature, excellent cropping, but the best of all is the emotion and the colors. Perfect and professional!

Ilidio Fernandes , 29.10.2007 at 0:40h

Excellent .

Diana Bodea, 7.12.2007 at 13:26h

wonderful shot!

novac dorin , 2.01.2008 at 22:01h


Mihaela Fasole, 25.02.2008 at 20:01h

very beautiful,
regards, Misha

nicolae stoian, 10.04.2008 at 1:19h

f frumoasa!imi plac culorile si crop-ul!

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