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Man With Machinegun by Sergio Pessolano

Man With Machinegun 


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31.01.2006 at 12:36h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
Yemen - One of the most important tribesleader of the area of Manakha with his inseparable "kalashnikov" and the "jiambiya", the typical bent dagger which every man holds in his belt. It is extremely rare that a tribesleader agrees to pose for a photo
Nikon F5, Nikkor 35-70mm, Fujichrome Velvia
A little strangeness... try to cover alternatively the left and the right side of the face: you can see two extremely different expressions.


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Vladimir Danilov, 31.01.2006 at 12:39h

Somehow my first thought was immediately that it was your photo.

Anastasya Ivanova, 31.01.2006 at 13:01h

Don't know how these Arabians got so many ak rifles...

Sergio Pessolano, 31.01.2006 at 13:18h

Thank you Anastasya... I pressed the wrong key.

Jacqueline Chay, 31.01.2006 at 13:20h

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful

Valfoto, 31.01.2006 at 13:29h

Buenísima la foto Sergio.
Cuántas cosas habrás visto en tu vida.............
Un saludo

Abdul Khaliq, 31.01.2006 at 13:33h

Me too, when i saw thumbnail i guessed it's your pic.
Extremely Class "A" potrait.
your pics are more than our words, what else to say :)

Richard Overtoom, 31.01.2006 at 13:37h

@Anastasya, its all about money
...russia produces "only" a few thousand a year. these days most of the kalashnikovs are made in bulgaria. a bulgarian weapons-maker has won a contract with, well... the us. and we are talking about tens of thousands here......
they use them for the new iraqi army.
more than 15 countries manufacture the weapon, including poland, hungary, north korea, cuba, india and egypt....
certainly not only arabs use them. it is one of the most reliable rifles and, sadly, it is claimed they can kill with fewer shots in close combat situations.

just a statement. i am certainly not a fan of weapons.

stunning colours, very good portrait!

Cees Kuijs, 31.01.2006 at 13:56h

Excellent portrait. Great colors, sharpness and pose.
Now, let`s disarmed him.
Greetings, Cees

Jutta Washington, 31.01.2006 at 14:27h

Amazing portrait +++

Anastasya Ivanova, 31.01.2006 at 14:37h

It always dangerous talking to someone with a gun's really something that you managed to let him posed for your picturing without his further suspicsion, very nice work by the way.
I guess it's the most famous one of our import goods of our country but oh yes not knowing meantime however who actually sell these weapons to regions of other places... I know there are some big military factories in New Siberia they too launch themselves big production for countries in Africa or...former Yugoslavia...etc...combat groups or countries can purchase their needs here, hmm...such as tanks, armour personal carriers...small arms...
hmm...It seems most Eastern European countries are still in operation with their own old Soviet military productions...
Well actually guns are cheap here too, as long as with licenses (for hunting...etc) everyone can have gun too just like in America, especially in Central Russia here.
There are two AKs in my home...still in the warehouse I think and I even know how to use it; hmm... maybe it can kill a person truly in fewer shots, I don't know, never try it before... It works pretty bad while repeating firing and hardly hit something accurately...
Thanks for your explanation! :)

Klaus LE, 31.01.2006 at 14:40h

great dynamic of colors, and an exclusively good Portrait !
greetings, klaus

Marguerite L., 31.01.2006 at 14:47h

A superb portrait, looks very friendly!
Grüessli Marguerite

Nyo Pu, 31.01.2006 at 14:50h

No doubt, this is reality.
Great capture.

Christoph Hammann, 31.01.2006 at 15:47h

The film (Velvia) really showcases it's steep gradation and high saturation in this portrait, both traits not nomally desirable in a portrait, but here it works.
As usual, exemplary!

Carlos Ordas, 31.01.2006 at 16:46h

Impressive, as always. Congratulations


Pete Burkhard, 31.01.2006 at 16:54h

Great portrait in a very special situation...
I would like to visit Yemen, but for the moment I prefer visiting Oman. It's a little safer, but not less interesting.
Hope to show you some good pictures in a few weeks.

Ulrich Fleischer, 31.01.2006 at 17:46h

color and sharpens is impressing. great portrait.
vg Uli

Sergio Pessolano, 31.01.2006 at 19:31h

A little strangeness... try to cover alternatively the left and the right side of the face: you can see two extremely different expressions.

Allan Thompson, 31.01.2006 at 19:32h

Like watching a scene in a blockbuster movie! Excellent,impressive and colorful!

Abdul Khaliq, 31.01.2006 at 19:36h

@Sergio, right is anger and left is smile. What an observation. GREAT.

Sissi Blume, 31.01.2006 at 19:54h

Two different people in one person.Often today.
It frightens!

Dominic Falcone, 31.01.2006 at 21:59h

THis is one of my favourites from you, remarkable portrait and the quirky effect of two expressions.
great work!!

Mark Johnston, 31.01.2006 at 22:32h

Just awsome. The picture is amazing and thanks for pointing out the both sides of the face!

Massimo Carolla, 31.01.2006 at 22:57h

yes sergio two expression in this man, professional portrait, one of the best that i have see, regards massimo

Stuart Borland, 1.02.2006 at 0:49h

A powerful portrait Sergio.

Yasser Metwally, 1.02.2006 at 1:44h

what a wonderful work sergio ,,,i agree with you,, theres really two different expressions of his face sides , very strange ,,,,, great work sergio - - - -
best wishes of more and more success

Peter Kis kalóz, 1.02.2006 at 3:47h

Great like te others!:) The double personality on the face phantastic! Greetings, Peter

Rob Brydon, 1.02.2006 at 4:29h

Well, what can one say? Just when we think that even Sergio cannot improve on the images he has posted recently, he presents us with this. Truely, these images are an inspiration. It must have been one thing to get this "leader of men" to allow you to capture his image, quite another to do it so well. Top shot my friend..How do you follow this one. It is a very keen eye that observes those two different expressions too..Cheers..Rob

Ron Couwenberg, 1.02.2006 at 10:20h

The self awareness is something that you can read from his eyes. The way that he hold his machinegun, speaks of pride. Great moment!!. Love Sergio.

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 1.02.2006 at 12:59h

everything has allready been said.
just amazing for him to let you photograph him, he must of trusted you, amazing portrait.

Ioan Farcas, 1.02.2006 at 20:14h

What more ca I say? A complex portrait wit a real contrast of expresions and a startling choice of weapons. Old and new, together in a powerfull image

Victor Servián, 1.02.2006 at 20:52h


Ralf Kesper, 1.02.2006 at 22:32h

AK 47....a nice and typicel portrait of an native yemenitic man. I like this. It´s looks like to made in a studio. Great!

regards Ralf

Hans Solcer, 2.02.2006 at 10:38h

Alarming looking person. How dared you take this picture. I should have passed the man on a great distance. brave man you are Sergio. What is that sign on his forehead? A scar? Nevertheless, a superb partrait!

Abdul Khaliq, 2.02.2006 at 11:03h

@Hans, that's scar comes due to prayers when they put their forehad on groound, you can find on so many muslims who pray regularly.

Juan W, 2.02.2006 at 12:09h

one more excellent picutre!!!!

Voting Center, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 55 pro- and 10 contra-votes. Congratulations, Sergio Pessolano :-)

Jacqueline Chay, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h

Perfect clarity, composition, colour and statement

Abdul Khaliq, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h

One of my fav, from your top gallery.

Victor Servián, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h

Como siempre una foto de Sergio es segura candidata al PRO. Excelente, como es costumbre en ti Sergio. Saludos.

Dennis Veldman, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h

Sergio... PRO :)

jawdropping, colorful, lighting, the peacefulness that this man has while carrying his gun..

Indeed when you cover his face..

Roberto Grilli, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h


Jutta Washington, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h


Christian Knospe, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h


Vladimir Danilov, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h

with pleasant - pro

Marguerite L., 2.02.2006 at 13:23h


Alin Neamtu, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h


Klaus LE, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h

a absolute rarity and I´m impressed by the pure colors too...
P R O !!!

Valfoto, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h

As everyone of your pics Sergio, PRO

Steffi P, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h


Ruud van der Lubben, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h


Gabi Dilly, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h


don ricchilino, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h


Mircea Tiron-Tudor, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h

Good photo.Perfect face, proud about his gun.

Rainer Rauer, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h


Dagmar E., 2.02.2006 at 13:23h

excellent !!!

Kay Wölfle, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h

Can´t find no reason to not to vote pro :-)

Wayne Tsipouras, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h


PINDORIUS, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h


Dominic Falcone, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h


Kinga Duchnowska, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h

pro!!! excellent pic...

Karin D. Ludwig, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h

definitely PRO!

Angel Pena, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h

must go 50-0

Frank Cecconi, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h

What an amazing shot! Sergio, you're full of surprises - this looks like a studio pic; the lighting is superb;-) You're right about the 2 sides of the face - I think the left side has a crooked eye... pro

Der Oybe, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h


Peter Kis kalóz, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h


Ron Couwenberg, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h

Only one way to travel.....PRO!

Fabio Dammy, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h


Nicole Zuber, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h


Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h


Jacky Kobelt, 2.02.2006 at 13:23h

pro !

Stefan F, 2.02.2006 at 13:24h


Paul Grimshaw, 2.02.2006 at 13:24h

A great shot - detail and colour appears studio perfect .. maybe as a straight on portrait with no added interest I will not see it as good as some of your others Sergio .. but that would still leave it around the top level on this site. Regards, Paul.

I can definately see the split personality shown in the face - although faces are commonly very different on different halves I would say that it does carry more importance considering he carries a gun .. friendly protector, deadly warrior ?? Well seen Serg.

Dennis Maloney, 2.02.2006 at 13:24h

The colours and detail are great composition and story are also very PRO...den

Robert L. Roux, 2.02.2006 at 13:24h

An essential portrait ...

Wen P, 2.02.2006 at 13:24h

More subdued in color than usual for you Sergio. Very studio.

Marc Erpelding, 2.02.2006 at 13:24h



Anastasya Ivanova, 2.02.2006 at 14:03h


Dennis Veldman, 2.02.2006 at 14:07h


Stefan Stuecklschweiger, 2.02.2006 at 15:07h

great! & congratulations

Rarindra Prakarsa, 2.02.2006 at 15:10h

Very good

Stefanos Lampridis, 2.02.2006 at 15:40h

Yet another one of your amazing shots!
Thanks for sharing.

Othmar R., 2.02.2006 at 15:50h

congratulations !!

saluti, othmar

Abdul Khaliq, 2.02.2006 at 16:09h

Congratulations !!
I am surprised who voted these 10 contras ? Strange !

Carmen Y Frank, 2.02.2006 at 19:13h

A rare portrait. Well done its amazing.

Sergio Pessolano, 2.02.2006 at 21:03h

Thank you so much!!!

Carlos Santa Maria, 3.02.2006 at 17:02h

Fantastic! You need guts to ask someone like this to pose for you.

Sinan Ariktekin, 3.02.2006 at 18:18h

I cant find anything to say...



Petra Finkenzeller, 3.02.2006 at 21:22h

WHat an incredible photo! Amazing - especially the 2 expressions in the one face! Unbelievable!
Beautiful Sergio, simply beautiful!

Allan Thompson, 6.02.2006 at 3:21h

Congratulations Sergio

Füsun Özler, 6.02.2006 at 13:12h

Hi Sergio,
Nice to meet your photos again :)
congratulations !! Very beatıful photo...

Renato T., 6.02.2006 at 18:21h

Per la "Stellina"

Robert L. Roux, 8.02.2006 at 6:41h

Truly a great one, Sergio ...

Jorgen Lerche, 8.02.2006 at 16:53h

thats life - east,west,nort,an South,we are not lookalike.

Milan Bystron, 9.02.2006 at 1:53h

Sergio, this is very excelent portrait! Beautiful work ...

Scorpios HDR ART, 14.02.2006 at 0:52h

I am impressed with the two expression in his Face !

One more thing, for some reason there are very peaceful colours here....


Fernando 8, 4.03.2006 at 12:41h

la guerra.

Kombizz Kashani, 17.12.2006 at 4:32h

excellent portrait image
I like his cool facial expression although having that killing tool as a power in his hands
Indeed you were very brave to take that image from him, otherwise you could be arreated as a spy for Isreal !

Wilhelm H., 9.02.2007 at 23:42h

I love this picture, I like there interessting faces, but they are scary

G.Stefano Spedicato , 28.05.2007 at 13:24h

la maestria non è solo nella tecnica e nella definizione
,ma la scelta del soggetto con quell'aria
ironica-beffarda,che crea questo (eccellente) contrasto.
grande foto .
ciao e complimentissimi.

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