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Enjoy The Silence by Pat Di Fruscia

Enjoy The Silence 


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1.11.2007 at 15:37h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
This location was really great!! It had a lot of pools of water everywhere making it a breeze to make great compositions. Only after approx 15min that a guard came up to me and told me I wasn't allowed to go to this location. He explained to me that there is a dam near by and usually when they open it up they do not advise anyone. In a matter of seconds the whole place could be flooded leaving me 200 feet below in really bad condition if I am lucky. Too bad because the possibilities of shots are that location was endless. But still glad I jumped that fence to capture a few :)

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STENLI , 1.11.2007 at 17:11h


Gert van der Flier , 1.11.2007 at 18:15h

An amazing scenery Pat. Beautiful autumn colours.
I like it!!
Best regards, Gert

MAURICE CLEGG, 1.11.2007 at 19:48h

the composition, the colours, the clarity are all exceptional, looks wonderful.
regards, maurice.

melissa marsh , 5.11.2007 at 16:45h

Wow what a exellent photo, such lovely colours.

Daniela Friedrich, 5.11.2007 at 22:02h

Great colors and composition. We are ahppy that you are not flooded away...

FREDRICK ADAM, 19.11.2007 at 5:14h

Breath-taking composition!

Voting Center, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 81 pro- and 19 contra-votes. Congratulations, Pat Di Fruscia :-)

FREDRICK ADAM, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h

Breath-taking wide-angle composition. Exposure, focus, and colors are all very nice. I like the contrast of the two solitary gold leaves in the foreground. I think this picture would make an excellent addition to the Gallery.

aw masry , 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Claude Coeudevez, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Tamara Trejo, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h

Wow. It takes my breath away. Pro. TT

Massimo Carolla, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Abdul Khaliq, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Christiane Wüllner, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Rolf Wengenroth, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Alexandra Baltog, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Aniko Mocher, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Theo Weijmer, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Leo_nid, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Nina Papiorek, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Denny Jander, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Jürgen Cron, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Maria Mylona, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Uli Gerritzen , 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Micha Boland, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Canan Oner , 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Christian Knospe, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Doug Hough, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Michael Henderson, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Pawel Majewski, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Inez Soares, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Ruud van der Lubben, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h

One can almost sense the feel of a crisp autumn morning, just great !!

Mircea Tiron-Tudor, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h

Good shot ! Pro !

Vesela Maleeva, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Claire Laira, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


ston, 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Ilidio Fernandes , 23.11.2007 at 20:47h


Frank Cecconi, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h

A signature PdF pic - plenty of foreground interest, sharpness throughout, vivid colours and perfect exposure. PRO! And Welcome Back...;-)

Katrin Fischer, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


Alessandro Ballerini , 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


gerla , 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


Claudio Capobianchi, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


Carlo Capobianchi , 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


Simona Carli, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


Vera Böhm, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


Anna Katarina , 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


BRYAN CRUTE, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h

Pro !

Maximilian E.T.-Schmidt , 23.11.2007 at 20:48h

Wonderful colours! A great picture. Pro!

Comy , 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


Paul Grimshaw, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h

Lovely shot by a photographer I do like ... with great composition and a nice pop of colour from the two orange foreground leafs ending with the base of the image provided by the rock at the bottom. One tiny point would be that I would have been tempted to shift the brown leaf just popping into frame bottom left but very nice shot just the same. Regards, Paul.

Geoff Ashton , 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


Anca Silvia B., 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


Matthias Moritz, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h

outstanding compositing

Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


Maria João Arcanjo, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


Luca di paola, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


Robert Riley, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h

Enjoying! Pro

NARA YANA, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


Andrej Nagode, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


Michel Lamarche, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


A r e k , 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


CsomorLászló , 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


Luigi Scorsino, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h

A very nice composition and colorful pro+++

Peter Bemsel, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


Dieter Dietrich, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h

Great shot...

DaDe Jelmini, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h

perfect shot, perfect colors, perfect sharpness

Giorgos Fidanas, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


Waldi W., 23.11.2007 at 20:48h


Fritz Degen, 23.11.2007 at 20:48h

I would say perfect one


Michael Henderson, 23.11.2007 at 21:16h

Congratulations, a super foto.

Christiane Wüllner, 24.11.2007 at 8:12h

:-)) Christiane

Canan Oner , 24.11.2007 at 9:52h

Congratulations Pat...
Best wishes,

Paul Grimshaw, 24.11.2007 at 23:50h

Congratulations Pat. Regards, Paul.

CsomorLászló , 25.11.2007 at 8:03h

Congratulations, a super foto.

Lovisa Lagerquist, 25.11.2007 at 9:28h

Really awesome ;D Congrats!

Pat Di Fruscia, 25.11.2007 at 9:37h

Thank you so much everyone for all your great comments. I really appreciate this . Have a great weekend :)

DRAGA PUC, 26.11.2007 at 17:58h


Dusan Hoza, 18.12.2007 at 0:33h


Gabriela Sauciuc, 28.12.2007 at 20:11h


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