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Hunting the sun... by Martin Herdicky

Hunting the sun... 


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11.01.2007 at 10:41h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
Botany Bay, Australia.


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Rob Brydon, 11.01.2007 at 10:52h

love the feeling and the light..Nice work mate..cheers..Rob

Cees Kuijs, 11.01.2007 at 11:17h

Excellent picture, Martin. Very good composition and use of the forground.
Greetings, Cees

Daren Borzynski, 11.01.2007 at 11:17h

Excellent photograph.
Composition & the ositioning of the figure are great.
Beautiful light.


Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 11.01.2007 at 14:33h

amazing Light and foreground, yeah i was wondering where you had got to.
keep them coming
Jaime :0)

Hans Einar Ohrstrand, 11.01.2007 at 15:35h

Lovely landscape, and a good composition it is. I really like the foreground leading me into the beatiful scenery with the fisherman and the light from above.
Great photo!
Regards Hans

Thomas McAlexander, 11.01.2007 at 22:20h

What a fine shot you've got here.

Nyo Pu, 13.01.2007 at 8:33h

Foreground applicable is excellent.
Regards, np

Voting Center, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 80 pro- and 20 contra-votes. Congratulations, Martin Herdicky :-)

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h

i have always been a big fan of Martins works and this new one is just stuning, the Light, clouds, sun,foreground DOF, atmosphere
just beautiful Pro

Claude Coeudevez, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Abdul Khaliq, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h

Techincally very high.
imho, it is very disturbing and restless composition.
sorry Jaime, SKIP

Claire Laira, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h

Beautiful mood...

Anastasya Ivanova, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Peter Mertz, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Massimo Carolla, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Celal Tayar, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Valfoto, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Daniel Avasilichioaei, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Alexandra B, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


PINDORIUS, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Frank Cecconi, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Michael Henderson, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Vesela Maleeva, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Theo Weijmer, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Jamie Hollett, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h

Big PRO!

Angéla Vicedomini, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h

PRO ++++

Radim Spitzer, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Beatrix Neuhaus, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Mircea Tiron-Tudor, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h

Pro !

Thomas McAlexander, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h

I'm not disturbed at all by this lovely composition. PRO

Cees Kuijs, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h

A big PRO

Inez Soares, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Sergio Pessolano, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h

Superb use of the wideangle. PRO

Geoff in Germany, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Robert Riley, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Klaus der Sandmann, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Anna Attlid, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h

simply stunning
well worth a pro!

Steffen Schanz, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Marc Erpelding, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h

Great. Pro.

Klaus Buhles, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Jutta Washington, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Nicole Zuber, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Kathryn Dixon, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h

Press f11 and take a couple of steps back to appreciate this wonderful composition properly.
It flows perfectly, drawing the eye from the close rocks into the distance. Stunning light and contrasts. PRO

Jacqueline Chay, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h

Big Pro

Darinka Mladenovic, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Evelyn M., 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Ruud van der Lubben, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h

Definitely a fine piece work, with very nice tones. The way the foreground leads toward the main object is very good, even though i think that this main object ( the fisher ) is being slightly overwhelmed by this forground.

One minor thing, the horizon slightly tilts.

Olivier Vanbiervliet, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h

I had the same remarks as Ruud... tilted horizon and very busy composition...but in the end it is of such quality that it deserves the gallery!

Andy Pomplun, 19.01.2007 at 21:16h


Maria João Arcanjo, 19.01.2007 at 21:17h


Tatiana Kirillova, 19.01.2007 at 21:17h

Fantastic! I love this pic.

Ivano Cheli, 19.01.2007 at 21:17h


BRYAN CRUTE, 19.01.2007 at 21:17h

This is why I look at the gallery .Wonderful work.

Jacky Kobelt, 19.01.2007 at 21:17h


Gabi Anna, 19.01.2007 at 21:17h


Alfred Spectrum, 19.01.2007 at 21:17h


P.e.ter Gau, 19.01.2007 at 21:17h

great shot but the horizon tilts a little bit to much imo. It wouldn't have been a big problem to fix that. skip

Jürgen Cron, 19.01.2007 at 21:17h

PRO +++++

Oliver Suhr, 19.01.2007 at 21:17h



Kombizz Kashani, 20.01.2007 at 4:37h

well composed and colorful landscape

Lidija Levi, 22.01.2007 at 13:29h


Martin Herdicky, 23.01.2007 at 23:17h

Thanks everyone for voting and your lovely comments. Of course special thanks to Jaime for considering my photo to be good enough for the gallery. I am honoured!

All the best to everyone and once again big thank you!!!


Hanna Perdén, 28.01.2007 at 20:15h

wonderful! perfect!:D

Danny Hays, 29.01.2007 at 7:16h

excellent -

Ryan von Schwedler, 6.02.2007 at 2:47h

sick orange haze! nice composition, pleasant.

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 21.02.2007 at 10:56h

thats allright loved proposing it :)
congrats Martin
Jaime :)

Andi Santoso , 3.04.2007 at 3:02h

beautiful landscape............

Emanuela Villa, 2.05.2007 at 12:43h

Fantastic, the Gallery is once more rightly deserved.



Ingrid Rid, 5.05.2007 at 17:35h

Great capture
I like it

zhiheng , 11.05.2007 at 16:23h

so !!!!beautyfull....i like that~~~~

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