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Farewell upload by BRYAN CRUTE

Farewell upload


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11.03.2009 at 20:04h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
To all my great friends and buddies in Fotocommunity this is my last upload. It is with great sadness that i leave here as this has being my spiritual home for some time now. The reason i leave is because of a thread the Administrators closed on me and the wording they used to close this thread. This i find unacceptable.
I have 7 months left to run on my membership so its not that im quitting at the end of my term.
I wish all of you good health and happiness for the future, but im a man of principles and will act on them now !
If any should like to leave a comment i will read them for a couple of weeks and reply to fotomails then i will close my account for good.
If you wish to see any of my pictures i will post them on
in the future. Its a sad day for me so i will finish at this point.

Best wishes to you all


Alexandra Baltog, 11.03.2009 at 20:31h

beautiful !

but ...

I know your feelings, Bryan.. It is not fair ...

This site has a lot of mistakes & troubles ...but there are a lot of good buddies & nice pics ..

I love phodia, too ... but I love the people from here, too ...

Take care & see you on PHODIA....


Theo Weijmer, 11.03.2009 at 21:10h

Sad day for you Bryan, great pic for the end, see you on the other si(t)(d)e.

Greetings Theo

Claire Laira, 11.03.2009 at 21:30h

A very beautiful picture, Bryan, the colours and the light are superb!
Best wishes,
P.S. We'll stay in touch...

aw masry, 11.03.2009 at 21:32h

Excellent long shoot.
Really beautiful style, tones and composition.
Best regards - aw. masry

Mark Billiau., 11.03.2009 at 21:51h

Very close and wonderful capture of this Robin.
Perfect colours and what a beautiful soft coloured uniform background.
Great !!!

It's a real pity this is your last upload. As I usually do not read forums, I don't know what is or was going on, but I guess you have your reason. I shall miss you buddy !
All the best, Bryan.


Ralph Bache, 11.03.2009 at 22:49h

A very sweet red bird. A wonderful image formation. Oh, i read this text, i´m sad. I shall miss you and wish you all the best. I hope you come back later. Best wishes Bryan.

Fons van Swaal, 11.03.2009 at 23:14h

Sad to hear you are going Bryan.....
I respect your decision although I don't know what is going on....
Like Mark I'm not to much in the forum , but I willlook and see if I can find something still..
About the image:
This is for sure your best bird shot I see untill now...
Fantastic detail and sharpness and a wonderful composition...
Good luck my friend........

Daniel Avasilichioaei, 11.03.2009 at 23:36h

So long and best wishes to you... :-(

Patrick B. Parenteau, 11.03.2009 at 23:41h

I have read your comments and seen the responses from friends and associates who obviously respect your decision but are unhappy to see such a talented photographer leave the site.

I've had numerous disagreements with admin, but they have all resolved themselves, and as I've said many times before - it is only photography!

Personally, I think you should reconsider your plans to leave FC as your talents (and opinions) are appreciated. Like me, you've obviously enjoyed your time here, made a few friends (some have even come to visit me in Canada) so why let a little dispute spoil it for the rest of us. There are better way to protest...

In regards to this issue,(which we can't talk about) I am not into boys (or men) but for those who are, there should be a photographic section available to them, providing the subjects are of legal age and the material does not break established FC guidelines. Rather than leave, I suggest photographers like yourself,lobby to have the nude channel split into two sections - male and female. Problem solved.



Ilidio Fernandes, 12.03.2009 at 0:36h

I am very sad to see you going, you have been a very good friend. Excellent shot to leave with. Best wishes my friend.

Frederick Mann, 12.03.2009 at 5:47h

and yet...
I'm sad...
this is a fine picture too

Laki K., 12.03.2009 at 7:26h


don't give up just for that, sometimes we all need a break from things and i had mine as well, even nowadays :) it helps, trust me.


Rob Nagelhout, 12.03.2009 at 7:41h

Hi Bryan, I just looked on the thread which was closed by the admins and I would have react the same way as you did. Great way to stand up for your opinion. See you on Phodia

Claude Coeudevez, 12.03.2009 at 8:52h

Sorry Bryan ... Good luck ...


Anca Silvia B., 12.03.2009 at 10:39h

Beautiful close up.
Sorry Bryan!
I am so sad.See you on Phodia :)))

Leo_nid, 12.03.2009 at 11:36h

Sad news, Bryan. You've been a great buddy and you are a talented photographer and I have at all times enjoyed your comments and reviews of my and other persons' photos.. Whatever your final decision, thanks very much for your inputs and support and the good humor...
Best wishes

Ilhan Gunay, 12.03.2009 at 13:42h

Dear Bryan, as far as I understand the reason why you are leaving, I respect your decision. But If there is something bothering some members as you, the administrators should take some measures on it. I hope your message will provide this solution for the others. Patrick Parenteau's suggestion is very acceptable one on this matter. I'm completely agree with him (if the problem is as written by him).
FC members will feel absence of your artistic work...

archiek, 12.03.2009 at 14:19h

I for one will miss you. Time is limited for me so getting on phodia and keeping up with two sites is something I have refrained from doing. I kept up with the thread in question and the last post was not all directed at you. The point of your thread was correct, in that the male photos were too explicit. Your friendship and photos have been great. It would be great to meet you sometime face to face. If you every visit the San Francisco area, you must look me up. -Archie

hrishikesh thakur, 12.03.2009 at 15:36h

excelllllllllllllllllllllllent ! very good!

Dennis Maloney, 12.03.2009 at 15:50h is with great sorrow that I read of your leaving, I will visit you on phodia as often as I can......I have enjoyed your posts here on fc and was not aware of your problems with admin......that is why I don't get into the forums etc. ya man, and take care, I will see ya over yonder....den

Cees Kuijs, 12.03.2009 at 17:17h

SAD !!!!!!!!!! It`s happening again !!!!
I`ll understand your feelings, will not take so much more, if I`ll join you.............Just my friends keeps me going here..............
Take care, buddy !!!!


Dianna, 12.03.2009 at 17:49h

I can competely understand your farewell....
It is sad to see good folks leave this site....
It is sadder still, that things in the fc chase good folks away.

I have also given my farewell....
The fc home page all too often contains photos from the 'locked' nude channel that are offensive to me, my family, & my friends....
I wish you the best in your future and your photography.
I admire you for being a man of principles.
Take Care!

Alison Wiseman, 13.03.2009 at 22:41h

Very sad to hear you are leaving,
but i do understand ,
FC loses a very talented photographer and a very good buddy to a lot of lucky people,
take care Bryan and thank you for all you're comments,

redfox-dream-art-photography, 14.03.2009 at 2:32h

Very beautiful work!!!!!!!!!!!!

bw, redfox

Robert Riley, 14.03.2009 at 8:08h

I am sad to hear this Bryan, but I believe that it is not admins idea to close your thread I suspect the word came from I higher authority. I will keep in touch.

Total Respect!

Saska S., 14.03.2009 at 10:55h

What a poseur :-) Lovely capture, compliments.
And I'm very sorry to hear your news ... I'll miss you. But will look at your photos on phodia. Take care.
Hugs, Saska

John Johnstone, 14.03.2009 at 23:34h

What happend Bryan ? you are a great guy and we will miss you, i wish you health and happiness in your life my friend and been a pleasure to know you.

Ruud van der Lubben, 15.03.2009 at 9:58h

Sorry Brian if you understood the closing of the thread due to your posting, that was definitely not the case.
The thread was closed as a result of OTHERS turning it into something ugly, Your concern was genuine and was understood as such by me. However on the moment that others use it in order to insult other members we have no other option then act.

I sincerely hope you will reconsider !!

Donna Richens, 17.03.2009 at 14:24h

WOW what a capture!

Dr.Szirmai János, 17.03.2009 at 14:58h

Very very nice ! I like it! Hi János

Véronique Soulier, 23.03.2009 at 9:30h

I didn't see this one before, so sorry... I'll miss you a lot ! apparently something in a forum but I I don't go often there.. a pity for FC to loose people like you, a pity for us.. I 'll like to write better english to support you. Greetings, see you somewhere, sometimes.. who knows ? Take this flower not to forget us ;))
For you ... by Véronique Soulier
For you ...
19.3.09, 7:25

amitiés Véronique

PS this robin is beautiful, a last great gift, in my favorite !

Inez Correia Marques, 23.03.2009 at 20:16h

so sad Bryan!! i will miss you very much.. always a perfect buddie!!
please keep in touch

DRAGA PUC, 7.05.2009 at 10:10h


odeveld219, 8.12.2011 at 19:10h

My compliments for this fine picture, the colors are fantastic and the deatails are great!
With friendly greetings from Belgium, Odeveld

Hermann 42, 23.01.2012 at 17:21h

Beautiful this bird. The light and the look is excellent!
Regards from Hermann

TeresaM, 7.10.2013 at 22:55h

Excellente et belle présentation !!
Une vision qui me plait.
Amitiés & bonne soirée,

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