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@@@@@@@ by Alexandra Baltog



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10.08.2007 at 12:11h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
taken in Kaliakra, July 2007.

Kaliakra is a long and narrow headland in the Southern Dobruja region of the northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, located 12 km east of Kavarna and 60 km northeast of Varna. The coast is steep with vertical cliffs reaching 70 m down to the sea.

Kaliakra is a nature reserve, where dolphins, cormorants and pinnipeds can be observed. It also features the remnants of the fortified walls, water-main, baths and residence of Despot Dobrotitsa in the short-lived Principality of Karvuna's medieval capital. The cove Bolata with a small sheltered beach lies just north.

Probably the most popular legend about the place is the one about 40 Bulgarian girls, who preferred to tie their hair together and jump into the Black Sea instead of the prospect to be captured by the Ottomans. An obelisk dedicated to this legend is placed at the entrance to the cape, called The Gate of the 40 Maidens.

Another legend tells the story of St Nicholas, the patron of seamen, who was running away from the Ottomans and God was making the earth under him longer and longer, so he could escape, and the cape was formed this way. The saint was eventually captured and a chapel was built in 1993, symbolizing his grave. A dervish monastery is also said to have existed on the same place during Ottoman rule, which is thought to have preserved the relics of Muslim Bektashi saint San Saltik.

A third legend is about Lysimachus, a successor of Alexander the Great, who seized the royal treasure and escaped to Kaliakra, dying in a major storm along with his whole fleet.


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Laundry Design , 10.08.2007 at 12:14h

very good and interesting picture!


Leo_nid, 10.08.2007 at 12:37h

A great capture!

Maria Porter, 10.08.2007 at 12:46h

Excellent image! Creative idea!

Stella. Polaris, 10.08.2007 at 13:27h

A great contrast between this two pillars - one man-made, one nature-made ;)

Massimo Carolla, 10.08.2007 at 13:27h

very interesting comment, i like very much the image, creative and well done, ciao Massimo

Alison Wiseman, 10.08.2007 at 13:44h

Was it a race?
nice capture,

Angela .M., 10.08.2007 at 13:55h

fine composition
very fine!
rgds Angela

Inez Soares, 10.08.2007 at 14:42h


Jeannette Merguin, 10.08.2007 at 15:14h

I like the comparison between nature and technique...(and wonder what was so attractive for the snails ;-)
cu Jeannette

Michael Henderson, 10.08.2007 at 15:52h

Very nice shot. Good composition.
Nice story with it also.

Best Wishes.

Heidi Roloff, 10.08.2007 at 15:58h

And here we see the obelisk at the entrance to the Gate of the 40 Snails? :-))) Very jolly behavior of these animals. Whereto they want to go ??
Greetings from Heidi

Uli Gerritzen , 10.08.2007 at 15:58h

ganz klasse gesehen, 1a...

Ralf Kesper, 10.08.2007 at 18:46h

great stuff....+++++!!!!

greets Ralf

Pascal Viyer, 10.08.2007 at 19:04h

J'adore le commentaire !
And the title, great imagination, Alex
amitié et bon weekend (for me, I work :-()

aw masry , 10.08.2007 at 20:08h

Gorgeous image and smart title !!!
Regards - aw masry

Maria João Arcanjo, 10.08.2007 at 22:16h

Well done Alexandra....Have you been at my backyard??????

Ad Rian44 , 11.08.2007 at 7:53h

Excelenta compozitia.Bine alese tonurile.Spor in continuare.

CsomorLászló , 11.08.2007 at 10:59h

Dreat 'pointe de vue' excell.titel!

deadyoda , 11.08.2007 at 11:22h

oh my God!! this really is amazing!!! very nice

Tom MacDonald, 13.08.2007 at 0:46h

Great shot, and brilliant title!

Balazs Prattinger, 13.08.2007 at 12:31h

Interesting picture!!!

Dennis Maloney, 14.08.2007 at 17:11h

Really great image of the snail column, well presented in the sepia tones....nice sharp pic.....regards, den

Massimo Camocardi, 17.08.2007 at 11:58h

Da GALLERIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anca Silvia B., 1.09.2007 at 21:29h

Very nice pic,Alex!

Alexandru Sorin , 4.11.2007 at 16:22h

Neverland Race

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