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Great Crested Grebe by Mark Billiau.

Great Crested Grebe


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1.06.2011 at 8:00h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
The Great Crested Grebe is a graceful bird that lives in vegetated areas of freshwater lakes.

It’s a strong diver and excellent swimmer, but a bad flyer !
This bird doesn’t like to fly as it must do a lot of efforts to lift its body into the air.
Moreover, if it flies, it's preferably always by night.

It’s really very seldom one can see a flying Great Crested Grebe by daylight.
The bird in the picture attempted to depart (in daylight, yes !) but gave up after a few efforts.

In summer, this bird is adorned with beautiful reddish-orange head plumes with black tips.
The species was hunted almost to extinction in the United Kingdom during Victorian times in the 19th century for its head plumes, which were used to decorate hats and ladies' undergarments !

Dutch name : Fuut
German name : Haubentaucher
Latin name : Podiceps cristatus

Shot was made out of this hut
Bird spotting hut by Mark Billiau.
Bird spotting hut
31.5.10, 8:00


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Gisèle W., 1.06.2011 at 8:03h

8 uur stipt, je bent elke morgen op de afspraak !!!
Schitterend gefotografeerd !!!! De kleuren, scherpte, Licht... geweldig !!
Groetjes, Gisèle

Sylvia Schulz, 1.06.2011 at 8:04h

Oh, den hast Du aber mit demTele? nah herangeholt, eine Aufnahme mit Power
LG v.Sylvia

Rikki und Winni, 1.06.2011 at 8:23h

Wundervoll erwischt! War wohl seine Braut in der Nähe, dass er sich in seiner ganzen Pracht gezeigt hat?!
LG Rikki

s. sabine krause, 1.06.2011 at 8:26h

beautiful!!! both this shot and the whole species!! some of them live on the alster and in late spring you can watch them perform their mating rituals: sticking their heads together in a wildly romantic way and showing off their spectacular head crests! don't want to criticize the bird in the shot but part of the reason why he's a half-hearted flyer seems to be his well-fed body ; ))) – he looks just a little too chubby to beat gravity… greetings, sabine.

Günter Nau, 1.06.2011 at 8:56h

ein wunderschönes Bild des Haubentauchers ist dir gelungen. Großartig.
lg Günter

Heinz Janovsky, 1.06.2011 at 8:59h

In einer sehr schönen Pose festgehalten.
Gruß Heinz

Ryszard Basta, 1.06.2011 at 9:08h

als wollte uns zeigen..

Linnemedia Fotos, 1.06.2011 at 9:14h

Toll ! anzusehen ,das Foto
G v Dieter

Christine Ge., 1.06.2011 at 9:18h

Eine gelungene, lebendige Studie dieses schönen Vogels!
Früher war er selten; zum Glück sieht man ihn heute wieder häufiger.
Gruß Tina

Jojo., 1.06.2011 at 9:19h

Pure merveille!

Werner R. Albert, 1.06.2011 at 9:25h

It´s difficult to present a nightflight of this bird.
but even in daylight an impressing image.
His try to fly very well captured, Mark.
best wishes

Norbert Kappenstein, 1.06.2011 at 10:37h

In einer tollen Szene hast Du hier meinen Lieblingswasservogel erwischt. Klasse.
LG Norbert

Canan Oner, 1.06.2011 at 10:49h

These are beautiful birds which I like so much..Have seen their love dance on video sometime ago and it was so romantic, so touching......
Very nice shot with open wings Mark..
have a nice day,

viola d, 1.06.2011 at 12:10h

I share the willingness to fly with this beautiful species - without success so far:)) This is a lovely bird, the crest is impressive indeed and adds to its beauty. A great moment of its effort to take off. Rgds, Viola

Irbenika, 1.06.2011 at 12:37h

!!!!!!SUPERBLY!!!!!! You the present professional photohunter Mark! You always shoot rare scenes on beauty of unusual birds!!


Leo_nid, 1.06.2011 at 14:13h

warming up engines?
great timing for this capture

Angelika El., 1.06.2011 at 15:54h

Ganz, ganz wunderbar!!! In herrlichem Licht hast Du diesen prächtigen Vogel aufgenommen und die Spiegelung ist der Hingucker schlechthin!!!


willy ombret, 1.06.2011 at 18:43h

excellent moment de la prise de vue
très belle photo
willy ombret

RicoB, 1.06.2011 at 18:44h

Wärmste Farben lassen den Haubentaucher mit seinen Perlen wunderschön aussehen.
LG Rico

Vitória Castelo Santos, 1.06.2011 at 19:13h

So wonderful ans sweet picture!!!!1
Regards Mark

Andrea Sagawe, 1.06.2011 at 19:14h

Wonderful captured pose


Alfred Schultz, 1.06.2011 at 19:15h

Patience and patience again.
How else could you present such
marvelous shots?
Rgds. - A.

Vera M. Shulga, 1.06.2011 at 20:10h

Really,a great BIRD! Very interesting info about it.
Thanks a lot,Mark!

CsomorLászló, 1.06.2011 at 20:49h

beautiful nature photography Mark!

Adele Oliver, 2.06.2011 at 0:10h

A beautiful bird and capture .... lovely his orange-brown markings and the "hairdo", and you did get him with the wings spread and a nice reflection. We have grebes here, but not this crested species.
cheers, Adele

Ushie Farkas, 2.06.2011 at 1:27h

GROSSARTIG, Mark! Gruß Ushie

Hans-Reiner Bohn, 2.06.2011 at 10:51h

starke Arbeit, toller Moment!
g, reiner

Die Mohnblumen, 3.06.2011 at 5:46h

Eine schöne Aufnahme, klasse präsentiert. +++

Nordeifeler, 4.06.2011 at 6:18h

Klasse!! einmal Flügel ausschlagen..schön erwischt Marc..

carinart, 4.06.2011 at 14:22h

Du kannst wirklich toll fotografieren, um es einmal ganz einfach auszudrücken! Die Federn, die Spiegelung - alles abgestimmt!
L.G. Karin

Mauro Stradotto, 4.06.2011 at 23:20h

Una fantastica immagine, ricca di dinamismo e colore!
Interessante come sempre la didascalia, bravo!
Have a nice sunday,

Anca Silvia B., 5.06.2011 at 13:17h

Wunderbar Mark...lg anca

Lawson McCulloch, 5.06.2011 at 14:23h

Hi Mark, I lost my Internet for a few weeks, but thankfully I am back and able to view this beautiful shot.
best wishes from Lawson.

John Mc D, 5.06.2011 at 20:02h

Wonderful capture

Denis-, 5.06.2011 at 20:21h

Excellente prise de vue !

aline64, 5.06.2011 at 20:28h

Un excellent shoot de cette grèbe, le reflet est splendide !! bravo Mark

Josef Kainz, 5.06.2011 at 20:46h

Gut erwischt ein sehr schönes Foto
Gruß Josef

Rikki und Winni, 5.06.2011 at 21:55h

What a wonderful picture!!

TeresaM, 6.06.2011 at 9:20h

Belle et lumineuse vision sur ce battement d'ailes.
Encore une excellente capture, Mark ;-)
Bonne journée & Amitiés,

teototi, 2.07.2011 at 22:29h

Nice shot!

Miguel SR flowers, 2.09.2011 at 17:45h

Great bird photo Marc, Congrats. Excellent colors and moment captured.
Thanks for commenting my flower photo. I have a different account for animals, I love birds too, if you care to take a look:

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